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The go-to guide for turning a hotel room into a bachelorette party paradise

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So, you got put on party planning duty. This can both be an honor and a huge source of anxiety. From dinner reservations to daytime activities, helping plan your bestie’s dream weekend is a huge responsibility. When there are so many big moments to schedule, it can be difficult to remember some of the smaller, yet super important details.

Say hello to xo, Fetti, your personal party planning assistant, here to help you turn the future Mrs.’ hotel room into her very own bachelorette party paradise. These 6 hotel room bachelorette party ideas are sure to get the party bumpin’ from the moment she steps into her suite.

Go over the top with balloons

Is it even a bachelorette party if there aren’t balloons? A celebration isn’t complete until the ceiling is almost totally covered in metallic balloons of all shapes and sizes.

Try some unique disco ball balloons or fill an entire wall with a foil curtain which is sure to make more than one appearance on the bride’s Instagram story.

Yummy snacks and boozy beverages

It’s vital that your bride is immediately greeted with her favorite glass of champagne from the moment her stiletto heel hits her hotel room floor. Follow that up with some of her favorite candies, chips, or fast food, and your BFF points will shoot through the roof.

Setting up a small drink and snack station in the bride’s room can ensure that the queen and her crew can stay hydrated and avoid “hanger” moments all weekend. Don’t forget to include a few fun and naughty bachelorette straws on your table, because every drink tastes better when it is coming from a fun straw.

A personalized photo booth wall

Tequila has a reputation for making memories a little fuzzy, which is why photos are inarguably some of the most important aspects of a bachelorette weekend. Guarantee that you’ll get some frame-worthy shots by setting up a photo booth wall in the soon-to-be’s room.

No photo wall is complete without the silliest props. Stock up on some of the best bachelorette decorations and supplies to make sure everyone knows they are at the party of the year!

Hang foil curtains over every doorway

Bachelorette party hotel decorations 101: you can never overdo it. This is why you should stock up on foil curtains and hang them, well, everywhere. Just don’t forget a roll of tape.

Matching cups and sippers

Solo cups are so college. It’s important that the bride and her besties drink in style, which means supplying the whole party with cups and can huggies that mirror the vibe. Cheers Bitches, Bride Tribe, and Same Penis 4ever are just some of the adorable slogans you can hold while enjoying your favorite drink.

Want to step it up a notch? Try some 16-ounce drink pouches that will get the girls tipsy and double as a fun drinking game where everyone gets called out for their most toxic trait.

Temp tattoos and accessories for the whole crew

Going over the top with hotel room bachelorette decorations is highly encouraged. This is one of the few weekends where you and your girls get to act like total weirdos. You can dress up in costumes, cover yourself with bachelorette-themed temporary tattoos, rock matching heart-shaped sunglasses, and fanny packs. So embrace it, ladies! Because, YOLO.

Story by Allison Manolis

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