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The gambling industry is changing in Virginia

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Across the United States, the laws on gambling and casinos vary greatly. For example, there is a very liberal view in Nevada and you can gamble all day and night. However, the laws are very strict in Utah where gambling is not allowed. Virginia has been one of those states that lie somewhere in the middle. Indeed, there are laws in place that are restrictive. But there are also some freedoms for the public too.

Yet, the gambling industry may change soon in Virginia. Let’s take a look at the current laws here and the proposed changes.

The Law in Virginia

It is interesting to note that casinos in Virginia are banned by law. Thus, you will not currently find any casinos in the state that you can visit in the way you can in other parts of the country, such as Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are only four types of gambling that are legal in Virginia. This includes the state lottery, which can sell tickets to the public to win money. In addition, there are bingo halls that are popular and live horse racing can be enjoyed. You can also play daily fantasy sports since it was legalized in 2016. There are laws in place about who can enjoy these gambling games too. For example, you need to be at least 18 years of age to play.

If people want to enjoy casino games, they often have to take trips to West Virginia or North Carolina. You can also watch the best TV shows about gambling or learn about it on the internet to update your knowledge base.

The Proposed Changes

So, what are the proposed changes? Well, the lawmakers in Virginia have decided that the legislation should be reviewed. Indeed, they have approved the move by developers to bring some casinos to Virginia. Thus, while this ban on gambling has been around for a while, they think it is time for a change. The legislature is allowing five big casino resorts to be built in the state of Virginia. There is some progress that has to be made to bring this plan to fruition.

For example, there is due to be a voter referendum in November. This is going to be with people that live in the cities that will be proposed. In addition, there will be licensing procedures that have to be passed for operators to have their casino approved in Virginia. So why has there been a change of heart?

Casinos are often thought of as a way to boost the economy during bad times. For example, they are businesses that can provide a lot of employment for an area and more tax revenue for the state. During this time in 2020, Virginia is trying to generate more money. Danville is currently considering its options when it comes to casinos. In addition, Richmond has had two parties interested in opening a casino, which includes the Pamunkey Indian Tribe and Colonial Downs owners. The governor is likely to scrutinize the proposed changes to ensure it is the right decision for Virginia.

Now all we have to do is wait and see what decisions are made by the legislature.

Story by Bernadine Racoma 

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