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The future of web design: Why developers need to pay attention now    

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Keeping up with the trends is an essential aspect of website design and development. However, following a trend just for the sake of it is not always beneficial.

A website design is indeed the most effective factor to draw user attention. But the primary aim of the website should be to provide an overall positive experience. So let us dive into the future aspects of web design that developers need to pay attention to in the current era.

Localized SEO

SEO and keyword research has been the primary elements of website development and design and will continue to be so in the future. However, the SEO strategies have evolved significantly to keep up with the changes in Google’s algorithm.

Therefore developers need to adopt the current SEO techniques to improve the website ranking. For example, if the business is based on Long Island, developers should target localized keywords instead of generic ones. Designers can still use DMA filters to fetch keyword data, but it may not be ideal for new businesses.

For example, developers in a Long Island web design company should not target New York-based keywords if the website is for a new company based in Riverhead or Southampton. Instead, they should target more location-specific keyword data to rank higher in the local market and include them in the website design.

Website accessibility

Website accessibility is not just a trend but also a legal requirement these days. Several business websites have been subject to accessibility lawsuits in recent years, including some high-profile names like Domino’s Pizza, Beyoncé, Netflix, and many others.

But the legal obligation is not the only reason why business websites must be accessible to people with disabilities. According to the CDC, almost 61 million Americans live with some form of disability, and 12.3% of the American population faces challenges accessing the Internet.

That means developers can attract a huge chunk of the market segment by making a website accessible. Studies have also shown that a large part of the American population prefers to buy from companies that take a social stance and display inclusive business ethics.

Live chatbots

Most people claim that they prefer service by a real person and a physical location. But when it comes to getting assistance on a website, the majority of the American population is more comfortable with the chat option. Companies have been using chatbots for quite some time now, but the technology has progressed significantly last year.

There is an increase in the demand for online assistance as most consumers had to switch to buying things on the Internet. Moreover, most companies faced a shortage of customer service agents, which led to an increase in the use of chatbots. Developers need to ensure that the customers get the same level of attention from chatbots as they would from a real person.

Chatbots should be able to solve the problems as soon as possible and maintain these records. Many designers have also started using chatbots to help visitors find the required information on a website.

Use of APIs

Developers have started using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to design complex functionalities with ease. APIs help designers and developers create complex programs without having to write the codes from scratch. There are several other uses of using APIs for website development, such as:

  • To manipulate the documents that get loaded into a browser using DOM.
  • To fetch updated data from the server and make a website more responsive.
  • To play audio or video content on a website.
  • To create 3D graphic elements on a website.
  • To provide notifications to the user.
  • To store data on the client-side for page restorations and offline use.

These are just a few examples of what developers can achieve using APIs. There is a wide variety of APIs available for developers to use in web browsers for different objectives.

Cybersecurity using AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become critical technologies for developers these days. AI can analyze multiple events and identify cybersecurity threats with greater speed. Developers can use AI-based programs on websites to reduce the risks and improve protection from malware, phishing attacks, ransomware, and other malicious codes.

Cybersecurity programs are extremely useful for websites that store sensitive data like a customer’s personal or financial details. That is why developers need to use AI-security programs extensively on websites like e-commerce, banking, stock trading, and many others.

While the visual aesthetics of a website design may help in attracting users, several other factors can deliver an overall positive experience. Designers and developers should keep up with those trends too, as they are paving the future of web design.

Story by Bitan Mukherjee

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