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The future of the professional transcription industry

There have been a lot of advancements made in the transcription industry. Everything is always changing and it is important to stay on top of the trends.

Advanced Voice Recognition

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Voice recognition systems are now growing much more intelligent. Doctors are now dictating medical reports to software and it’s even able to pick up on errors even when translating medical vernacular. This is a huge step forward and it is safe to say that it’s incredible how much things have changed over the years. AI transcription by Verbit is a prime example of how changes are being made and how it’s impacting the industry overall.

Seamless Connectivity

People are now able to upload and record data right to their central database. This makes the transcription industry way more efficient overall and it also makes it way easier to really stay on top of everything. The automation of healthcare services is also going to provide a superior and quality service to patients.

More Outsourcing

If the recent data is anything to go by, outsourcing is going to be much more prevalent in the coming years. Transcribers overseas are going to have to comply with the ever-changing industry and they are also going to have to work with reliable third-party providers as this will help them to keep up in general.

Growth in the Market

The advances in technology and even the increase in outsourcing is really going to drive the market. It has even given way to a rise in medical transcriptionists too. Trained professionals are now going to face a much higher demand, and this is going to be very useful overall. The number of third-party medical providers is expected to double and now there are tons of new emerging markets too. Healthy competition is going to help improve service quality and it is also going to help experienced transcribers to gain a foothold in the market.

Turnaround Times

Technology is always changing, and this is one of the many reasons why the transcription industry is thriving. This is also going to lead to faster turnaround times, which will really make a huge difference to the industry overall.

Specialist Niches

As things change, people are going to start specialising in different niches. They are also going to offer services that are specific to a certain industry and this is going to cause much more division. You’re going to see less and less companies who offer generic transcription services but this could be a good thing. It could also bring about more specialist changes in the industry too, such as new AI for specific sectors.

Of course, the transcription industry has certainly come a long way but it’s safe to say that there’s still more to come. More changes are going to be made and there may even be some advancements that push the AI side of things to that next level. This would certainly be interesting as it could completely change the way that things are and even what’s to come.

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