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The fascinating history of energy healing

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Energy healing – otherwise known as energy work – is a way in which people can intelligently direct the attention to origins of sickness or concern to promote real healing.

As a result of this, the body’s own innate intelligence is able to transform the root of the issue to solve it. Whether you are brand new to energy healing, or have years of experience working with energy healing, like Dorothy Rowe at Distance Energy Work, there are surely some fascinating facets of the process that you probably are not aware of.

The main principles of energy healing

Before we get into some of the historical aspects of energy healing, we should go over the two main principles of energy healing.

  1. The first principle of energy healing is that the divine presence of God exists within every living person on the planet. Without a doubt, this divine presence has the resources necessary to impact any and all healings. Do not however if you do not believe in God, however, because disbelief in the divine will not have an impact on your healing. The simple truth is that everyone and everything contains the organizing intelligence of the creation of our universe.
  2. The second principle of energy healing is that we believe that our physical body is in fact a continuum of intelligence. It goes beyond just the physical plane and spans the quantum level of creation that underlies the cells of the body to the densest levels of creation, which is our existence within the physical world.

The four denser bodies

Just one more thing before getting into the history is breaking down the four denser bodies that are associated with the present life and more manifest and familiar to us. Understanding these four bodies help us to understand the very process of energy healing.

The following terms describe the different levels in which healing takes place:

  • The physical body – This is what we are most familiar with in our day-to-day lives. The physical body, which is made up of organs and our organ systems. Imbalances are often sitting at very precise levels of this physical layer. For us to take care of and eliminate these imbalances, our vision must travel like a precise microscope to the deepest levels of our physiology.
  • The etheric body – This is an energetic map of our physical form. It looks just like the physical body, but is not quite as dense. Often, the experience of pain that we have is held in this body. For example, it is actually quite possible to feel pain in a limb or organ that is physically missing due to injury or amputation.
  • The mental body – This is made up of the conscious mind, subconscious mind, unconscious mind and the avenue of mental awareness. We create many things – including role-playing games – from this level of being.
  • The emotional body – This is the body of desire; this is also the body of our feelings. Our “gut feelings” or instinct originate here. Intuition arises thanks to a connection between the mental and emotional bodies.

The history of healing

Now that you have a better idea of the two principles of energy healing as well as the four denser bodies that energy healing interacts with, it is time to consider the incredible history of energy healing that goes back to the very dawn of man. It seems that our ancestors were much more closely linked to energy healing and utilized it as a primary and necessary aspect of health and happiness on this earth.

Beyond that, it is fascinating to note that knowledge of energy healing – and the different planes of reality – cropped up in different places all over the world. This indicates clearly that while this is certainly a train of thinking and skill, it is also a universal truth that humanity can – and will – return to millennia after millennia.

Here are some of the major times in history in which energy healing popped up to become a major force of healing in the world.

Ancient India

The spiritual tradition of energy healing has existed for 5,000 years! It relies on the belief of universal energy called Prana. This universal energy is seen as the basic constituent and source of all life on Earth. Prana, the breath of life, moves through all forms and gives life to them.

Ancient China

Back in the 3rd millennium B.C., ancient Chinese learned of the existence of vital life-giving energy known as Chi. All matter is made up of and pervaded by this universal energy made up of the 2 polar forces that you certainly have heard of: yin and yang. When the yin and the yang are balanced, the living system displays optimal physical health. Though acupuncture may seem like a modern medical operation, the practice is thousands of years old and used to increase the balance of yin and yang within the human body.

More recently

Dr. Wilhelm Reich became interested in universal energy that he called “orgone.” He spent his professional life studying the universal energy that he deemed “orgone.” He sought to learn all he could about the innate relationship between the disturbances of orgone flow in the human body and how it brought on physical and psychological illnesses.  He found that by releasing blocks on energy, he could clear negative mental and emotional states of being.

On top of that, Dr. John and Eva Pierrakos developed the process known as Core Energetics, which is a unified process of internal healing that works to concentrate on working through the defenses of the ego and human personality to unblock energies of the human body. It seeks to balance all of the bodies – the physical, the etheric, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual – to create harmonious healing and a harmonious sense of being with the whole of a person.


Now you know a bit about the primary aspects of energy healing as well as the history of this incredible practice. Now, it is time to see how energy healing can help you.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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