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The essential guide to building brand loyalty in the digital age

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Before the internet took over business, brand loyalty was not much of a priority. Customer loyalty was instead the key to success. Nowadays though, businesses have been forced to reevaluate their strategies to make space for brand loyalty.

The truth about the digital age is that information is at the core of everything. The modern customer is aware of every single aspect of their favorite items. This is true because of the accessibility brought about by mobile devices. For a business that wants to thrive in the digital age, brand loyalty should take the front seat. So how can marketers build brand loyalty and pull in more customers? 

By improving customer service

One of the easiest things to overlook when trying to build brand loyalty on the web is customer service. The fact that information is available to all tends to mislead marketers into believing that they don’t need to pay any attention to their customers. This is not the case though.

Customer service is as important – if not more important – on the web compared to offline. The reality is that customers who get great interactions with their favorite brands will have more interest in buying in the future. Marketers should thus aim to impress their customers by being active on chat, email and other platforms.

Having consistent branding

There is nothing that dissuades customers from being loyal than a brand that doesn’t seem to understand its image. For any brand to be successful, there must be consistency. This consistency might come in the form of messaging. The use of familiar images and a brand voice is particularly crucial for the growth of a customer base. Customers should get the same familiar feeling whenever they buy your product or visit your websites.

CLT marketing, a Charlotte NC digital marketing consultant and an expert in the field, recommends businesses to assess all their platforms to ensure that there is consistent branding. Only by having proper designs that follow the brand’s philosophy can you build brand loyalty on the web.

Targeting the local customers first

One of the best things a digital business can do is to focus on building a strong relationship with local customers. Local customers provide an important piece to a business that has big prospects for the future. Focusing on local customers can help in brand loyalty since there is an established understanding of the local community. It is much easier to build local SEO via local directories and other avenues provided by search engines. Google’s products work best when a web business has a priority on local SEO. After a strong brand has been established locally, it becomes easier to build a strong brand that traverses the web.

Using social media carefully

Social media also holds an important piece to the digital brand loyalty puzzle. Social media has grown from basic websites used by students to big brands that can handle global marketing and advertising. For a business looking to build brand loyalty, social media is impossible to overlook. 

Social media acts like a multifaceted weapon that can be used to spread awareness about the brand, sell items and even make payments. In terms of building brands, social media pages and influencers hold the key to success. The modern business should explore the different advertising and collaboration channels to create strong brands and expand audiences.

Using great content

Finally, content is also crucial to the success of any brand. There is no better way of building brand loyalty than using the right words and messages. Today, content drives more than half of all successful businesses online. With the consumption of content growing every day, marketers need to come up with creative ways to attract new customers and strengthen the relationships with existing ones. The trends in content consumption are always changing and marketers need to keep track of the data. Video, blog and image content should be given a priority when building a strong brand.


Even though the digital landscape is always evolving, the basic tenets of marketing have barely changed. The modern marketer needs to be at the lead when doing research. Many factors contribute to brand loyalty and investigating them should be a priority. Brand loyalty is not an aspect of business that is about to become irrelevant any time soon. Focusing on strengthening it can thus bring fortunes to any digital business.

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