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The digitalization of slots

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Almost everyone has heard of online slots, and their demand has doubled since they went digital, making them one of the most played casino games to date. Depending on where in the world you’re from, you might call them something different, as the slot machine has many different names. As well as traditional variants, there are stacks of new online slots to choose from. Some with free spins, some featuring epic bonuses and others showcasing awesome visuals. To get the most out of your game, it’s recommended you pick one with features, promotions and themes suited to your style.

Types of slot games

Classic slots

Often nicknamed ‘fruities’, are the easiest of all online slots to play. They focus on the symbols Lucky 7s, Poker high cards, Liberty Bells, and true to their nickname, lemons and cherries. Although the playing area is basic, game play is anything but! Classic slots offer an exhilarating experience, with no deposit bonus rounds and free spins. Traditional classic slots house just three reels, with the most popular variant being the five-reel classic.

Free slots

Feature at top-tier casinos around the globe. They’re a great game to try if you’re new to the online gambling world. Whether you’re playing to practice or just for fun, you’ll be privy to an abundance of special features, comprising on-trend animations and realistic sounds – all without having to place a cash wager.

Video slots

The opposite of classic slots. These digitised slots don’t demand mechanical reels and levers and can be activated at the touch of a button. This popular variant offers higher odds and multiple paylines.

Virtual reality slots (VR slots)

The most tech-savvy of all the slot games on the market. Operators are now working hard to simulate the authentic experience that make physical casinos so attractive to players. From the immense graphics, to the realistic sound effects and high resolution displays, players can expect a highly immersive experience.

Multi-payline slot games

Next on the list, and one of the longest surviving slot games to exist. Those looking to increase their chance of winning are big fans of this style of game, which features between 50 and 100 eligible pay lines.

3D slot games

More contemporary in style and suited to a younger audience. They offer insane graphics, quirky animations and vibrant sound effects, all of which are tailored to the theme and the player.

Progressive slot games

Similar to progressive jackpots found in physical establishments. Their selling point? The high stakes, which increase steadily throughout gameplay, only diminishing when one lucky participant takes all. With phenomenal payouts and intense action, this game is one for those who love the thrill.

Types of slot machines

There are two types of slot machines, Penny Slots and Video Slots. The original are basic in comparison to the digitalized versions, which feature sleek animated visuals, delightful characters and exciting themes – video slots have evolved in a big way, gone are the days of gold bars and cherries, only to be replaced by video action and VR. The stakes have also changed dramatically. In the online casino world, you can play as many titles as you desire, betting wagers as low as a penny. To learn more about new online slots, look to online casino gurus such as, where you’ll find a list of recommended casinos, guides to online slots, as well as insight into other casino games.

Slot machines vs video slots

Most online establishments give players the option to partake in both traditional-style games and contemporary variants, as each is tailored to an entirely different audience. The classic versions are easy to play, allowing players to focus their attentions on the spin. They offer a slower rate of play, free spins, easy-to-understand bonuses and fewer paylines. This is a big contrast to the high-end visuals, characters and stories featured in the latest games, which are big on customer experience, fast-paced game play, complex scenarios and attractive bonus rounds. Games feature special symbols, multiple reels, animations and mini-stories.

If you’re keen to partake in games that involve little strategy and few rules, online slots are a great option. With so many variants to choose from, including traditional and contemporary games, why not switch it up and try your hand at a multitude of games and styles. This way, you’re guaranteed the best experience possible.

Story by Jen Keeley

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