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The difference between rosehip and argan oil

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Are you confused about which oil to use for your skin problems?

Two oils have gained popularity over the years – Argan and Rosehip oil.

Both rosehip and argan oil works like magic on our skin. But having a clear understanding of rosehip oil vs. argan oil will ensure you can make the best choice for your skin.

Rosehip oil, like the name suggests, is extracted from the fruit of the rose plant. It is that part of the flower that remains after the petals fall off.

Argan oil is extracted from Argania Espinosa, and it comes from Morocco. It is popularly known as “Liquid Gold.”

Here’s an article that discusses the difference between argan and rosehip oil. Let’s dive deep into the article. It’s rosehip oil vs. argan oil. Who will win the battle?

Use of argan and rosehip oil

Both of them are good for skin rejuvenation, moisturizes dry skin, and can solve acne-related problems.

They also have anti-aging properties and are widely used in the cosmetic industry.

What is the difference between the two?

The significant difference lies in its composition. Argan oil has tocopherols, phytosterols, polyphenols, etc., whereas rosehip oil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, flavonoids, etc.

Both of them have Vitamin E, but argan oil has more Vitamin E. It means it has more significant antioxidants and has better anti-aging properties. Similarly, argan oil is less greasy than rosehip oil and absorbs faster into the skin. Argan oil easily balance lipid production and thereby minimize acne. It is also suitable for nail growth. If you have brittle, weak nails, you can rely on them for getting glossy, healthy nails. Argan oil is best for damaged hair; you can apply it as a mask or serum to soothe your damaged, dry hair.

You can also take argan oil orally in small quantities. It is known for its anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. Some studies show a reduction in blood sugar levels among those who daily consume argan oil.

Rosehip oil is one of the best skincare ingredients on the market. They work wonders on damaged skin and aids in rejuvenation and smooth out wrinkles and lines due to their anti-aging property. Their anti-inflammatory property makes them popular among those suffering from issues like psoriasis, eczema, etc. They are also better suited for people with extremely oily skin. However, for reducing stretch marks, Argan oil is better than rosehip due to its elasticity property. Even though both are excellent moisturizers and work well on dry skin, it is better to use argan oil for dry-skinned people.

If fighting the seven signs of aging is your goal as of now, you should include argan oil in your beauty regime.

Are you still confused about which one to use?

The good news is you can use both. You can combine the effects of both the oil and get maximum results that way. But for specific needs like acne control in oily skin, you have to use the one more effective, which is rosehip oil in this case. Since they have almost similar properties, you only have to choose the one you liked after using both.

Both oils are popular in the cosmetic industry and used as active ingredients in lots of beauty products. There are on-going studies to find out more benefits of both the oil. You can use either one for your usual skin problems.

Story by Robert Carney

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