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The dangers of texting and driving

texting and drivingAs a motorist, it is vital to ensure you are aware of the dangers and risks involved with being behind the wheel. Road traffic accidents result in many serious and even fatal accidents every day around the United States, which is why motorists have to be so careful when they are on the road. When you are driving, your full attention needs to be on the road and you cannot be waylaid by distractions.

Many people spend years and a lot of money to get their license and deal with things such as buying a vehicle and dealing with online vehicle registration renewal. However, if you drive while distracted and end up causing a serious accident, all of this could be for nothing as you could lose your vehicle and your license. More importantly, you could even lose your life – and endanger the lives of others on the road.

One of the major distractions these days, particularly in states such as Florida where it is not yet illegal, is texting while driving. When you are reading or sending texts, there is no way that your full attention can be given to the road. You end up taking your hands off the wheel, your eyes off the road, and your focus off driving. An accident takes a split second so during that time you could end up causing a serious accident or taking lives. This is why people in places like Florida are eager to see a bill passed that will make texting and driving at the same time illegal.

If you do need to send or are waiting on an urgent text, one thing you can do is pull over somewhere safe and legal. You can then freely read or send your text in peace without putting other people’s lives in danger as well as your own. Once you have finished with the text, you can be on your way and continue with the journey. Making this small amount of effort when it comes to texting is far better than the possible alternative if you text while you are driving.

Many people have raised concerns about the number of drivers that think nothing of picking up their cell phone and reading a text while they are hurtling down the highway. No matter how talented and skilled a driver you may think you are, it takes only a second for something to happen and when your full attention is not on the road there is nothing you can do to avoid the situation. If you have your own friends or family in the vehicle with you, remember you are also risking their lives by texting and driving. However, one thing you could do is ask your passenger to read the text our or send the text to the relevant person if this is a viable option. This means that you would not even have to pull over but you can still keep your attention on the road.

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