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The best way to manage iPhone/iPad

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Whether you are buying into the 5G iPhone hype or not, it is admittedly that iPhone becomes an essential part of our life. What inside iPhone matters: years of sweet memories captured, conversation with friends and families, high game scores, videos and music files. How to ensure all these data stay with us on all of our devices?

iTunes could be the choice for some users, but this tool is a repurposed media player, lacking dedicated managing features. iCloud is nice for syncing small files on a daily basis, yet it struggles on bad network to load gigabytes of data. With a robust iPhone manager, your digital life will be enhanced on many fronts.

Meet DearMob iPhone Manager – Main Features

DearMob iPhone Manager is a standalone iOS transfer & backup software for iPhone and iPad users. Running on Windows and Mac, this lightweight device manager offers a safer and easier way to transfer files, backup iPhone, and apply customizable settings.

Check out what makes DearMob iPhone Manager great:

  • Backup iPhone with Flexible Modes: You can fully backup multiple iPhone without iTunes, and view each of those backup files with clear information on device name, date and size. Besides giving your device a full backup, you can also opt for a selective backup, say, only backup photos and contacts.
  • Change Backup Location: Doesn’t have enough space on the default backup disk? Rest assured with this tool. From version 4.4 and beyond, you can backup iPhone and iPad to any path and folder. A full backup file for a 58.5GB-used iPhone takes about 25GB. You surely want that large chunk of data to get stored on a less crowded hard drive.
  • Restore App Data: DearMob iPhone Manager offers you an option to restore App data in the Backup & Restore panel. Ticking that box and all your valuable data dwelling in Apps can now be restored from the backup file.
  • Quick Transfer: iTunes syncing takes forever to finish due to its mechanism to backup every time before synchronization. DearMob offers you a quicker and safer way to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone and videos, songs, files, too. In iTunes, everything goes from computer to iPhone, In DearMob, you can also make content go from iPhone back to a computer or to another iPhone. This full-way transfer is something iTunes cannot beat with its single-direction transfer.
  • Manage Photo, Video, Music: Besides transferring content in a whoosh, you are also transferring them in well-organized manner. Photos can be grouped by date, by albums or by type (screenshots, favorite, bursts) to transfer and manage. Managing music playlist, converting incompatible media to Apple-compliant format and batch deleting photos from a computer are efficient and time-saving.
  • Create Ringtones: The GarageBand or the iTunes workaround to make a ringtone are tedious with 8 to 10 steps. DearMob reduce your work with 1-click ringtone maker, which automatically converts any song to m4r ringtone format and adds to your iPhone.
  • Transfer and Merge Contacts: iCloud syncing could create duplicated contacts. With this iPhone Manager, duplicated contact cards are automatically detected. You can select a master piece to preserve, while merging others to it. You can also transfer VCF card to iPhone or export them out.
  • iOS content Management: Digital books, messages, voice memos, docs, spread sheets, PDFs… there are more to manage. You can find miscellaneous files created long before and stored deep inside your internal storage. Take this chance to clear or preserve them.

User Interface/Experience

Have you ever heard of Lagom – the Swedish word without an English equivalent – it describes a philosophy of a balanced life: the right amount is best. The minute you see the home screen of DearMob iPhone Manager, you would instantly know this is the way the best iPhone file manager should look like: Not too little. Not too much. Just right function to take control of your device.

You won’t be overwhelmed by a busy interface stuffed with useful and useless utilities. All the major functions are clearly laid out, with known-at-a-glance icons and operations. You can instinctively click into one of those categories and start to transfer and manage that type of files.

DearMob iPhone Manager adopts an add-instead-of-sync mechanism, which guarantees there won’t be accidental erasing against your will. For iTunes, everything stays the same on computer and iPhone: if you delete something on computer, that deletion also syncs to iPhone; if you switch to another computer, iTunes will erase everything you synced from the old computer. For DearMob, pictures and files are added to iPhone, merging with existing files safely.

Why You Need DearMob iPhone Manager

Managing iPhone on iPhone is enough – or is it? Sometimes, you still need the good old wired way to transfer and backup iPhone, on a computer. Here are aspects that DearMob can help:

Replace iTunes

iTunes locked many utilities behind its lengthy dropdown menu. It is a bloated media player with crippled iPhone management utilities. It is sometimes powerful if you tinker around with hidden features and laborious steps. But most of the time, it imposes limitation on an already closed iOS system.

You cannot transfer photos and other content from iPhone to computer via iTunes, selectively backup whatever you like is a no go with iTunes, and there are other hassles. DearMob iPhone Manager is more than an iTunes alternative; it fills the gap and provides you with handy features.

Migrate Everything to New iPhone

No matter you are waiting for the upcoming 5G iPhone, or switch to any newer model, iPhone data migration is the first thing to tackle. DearMob iPhone Manager offers you a 1-click backup and restore mode to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone and iPad.

Free up iPhone Space

A single screenshot takes 6MB storage space, and 170 pieces of snaps make 1GB. Before you start to realize the situation, your iPhone is bombard with ‘Not Enough Storage‘ warning.

With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can export photos and videos that are the mainly storage hogs on your device. This tool calculates the total size of the selected items and displays free storage space in real time. You can transfer selected large files to computer, and delete them from iPhone directly via DearMob.

Better Control Your iPhone

The handy utilities and management features deserve specific mention. You can password-protect individual files including photos, contacts and confidential videos. Upon exporting and importing, you can convert HEIC to JPG, video to Apple-compliant format and music to playable mp3.

Apart from that, you can access files that are otherwise inaccessible using iTunes or iCloud, or mount your iPhone as a memory stick to store files. The level of control granted by DearMob will surely bring you more flexibility and convenience.

Get Yourself a Copy Now

With advanced algorithm and a streamlined design, DearMob iPhone Manager continues to offer seamless iOS transfer and backup experience for every iDevice owner. Let’s backup iPhone before it is too late, and let’s start managing iPhone in a quicker way.

Story by Cecilia Hwung