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The best VR games for Android right now

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VR games have slowly been growing in popularity and have yet to pierce through the market. In the coming year we can expect better and more advanced VR games to hit the scene, and although VR headsets are widely available – the virtual experience is now making a shift towards Android devices.

In the past, players had to purchase a VR headset, but this came with a high price tag as well. Luckily, now a lot of VR games are becoming more compatible with both Android and Apple devices, and users will be able to purchase a cheaper VR headset and use their mobile phones to play some of the absolute best and most interactive games on the market.

Our pick of the best so far:

Zombie Shooter VR

One of our favorite games, and a game which we have enjoyed on multiple devices. Zombie Shooter VR is set in a post-apocalyptic era filled with zombies, mysteries, shooting and a lot of blood. There’s a plethora of great weapons and arsenal which you can choose from and while the game offers 360 degrees of exploration, you’ll need to focus and be vigilant to fight off the zombies. Additionally, the game is already compatible with most VR glasses, and if you own a pair, you can now simply download it on your phone and start playing immediately.

VR XRacer

This is one of the most relaxing, exhilarating and truly fun games we have played before. The game is set in a 3D geometrical world, filled with colors and hovercrafts. Players are in charge of driving one of these hovercrafts and control the craft by simply tilting their head left or right. The aim of the game is to avoid all the obstacles as you race by them and complete each level to advance to something more difficult. This is a fun and charming game, with colorful gameplay and easy to use controls.

VR Galaxy Wars

This was simply one of the most anticipated VR games for the year, and in a time where space travel is closer than we might think, this game places you in the center of an intergalactic war between powerful rulers. If you enjoy any sci-fi related movies and games, then VR Galaxy Wars will get your heart racing. There is a 360-degree visual experience, with additional sound designs, and if you don’t have your VR headset you can simply play it using the gyroscope in your device. There are only four levels to complete, but this is one of the most exciting games for Android and VR all in one.

Romans From Mars 360

Now you might not think that this game is something you would enjoy, but let’s just say – it’s addicting. Romans From Mars 360 puts players on the edge of a castle rook, fighting off invading aliens with your crossbow. As you fight and win more battles and the endless wave of aliens, your army becomes stronger and more diligent, but this is also said for the aliens. This is a fun and easy game, filled with color, multiplayer experiences, and a 360-degree immersion.

Other World Interactive Sisters

The title might seem a bit strange, but gruesome, gritty, and horror come to life in this game. The haunting tales and storyline follow the life of two terrified sisters living in a wooden cabin somewhere out in the woods during a storm. This game was designed to scare you, as it has been programmed in such a way that it responds to what the player is looking at. What this means is that it feels more real, than virtual, and players are fully immersed in a horrific gaming experience.

VR Noir

We especially enjoyed this game which was first released back in 2019. In VR Noir, you enter as a private detective and are in charge of finding clues and hidden messages in order to solve various scenarios and mysteries. We especially enjoyed this game as the cinematic experience is something you don’t quite get in other VR games. Many other gaming platforms have critiqued VR Noir as one of the best picks for Android devices and we would strongly have to agree. The visually immersive experience of VR Noir puts you right in the center of all the action and you’ll love the voice acting too!

vTime XR

Not so much a physical game, but more a virtual interaction or meeting room with people from across the world. This is a very unique ‘game’ that has some cool and interesting features. Termed as the VR version of Facebook, users will be able to create a unique avatar, and choose the area or environment in which they want to wander around in. vTime XR hasn’t been all the rave, but it allows you to meet new people and perhaps build lasting friendships with people from various corners of the world. This is a great game if you’re craving foreign interaction in a time where travel and social interactions are limited.

CMOAR Roller Coaster

It’s no secret that roller coaster games are some of the most fun and exhilarating VR games available. Because there are so many to choose from, we’d have to say that CMOAR Roller Coaster is one of the best games we played in a very long time. The visuals are extremely good, with some very exciting ad-ons. The entire game puts you in the hot seat of fun and wild roller coasters combining elements of flaming hot lava, fantasy lands, untouched mineshafts that have been left to decay, and many more. The CMOAR Roller Coaster experience is quite similar to that of other popular VR roller coaster games, but with a touch of a refreshing experience and who knows when we’ll be allowed on roller coasters again soon anyway?

We think these games are a great fit for mobile fun, and we’ve had even more fun while venturing into other great online entertainment.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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