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The best Sketchup alternatives

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3D printing Seattle is becoming extremely popular. To be able to use this process, you will need to use a special program to create a design. This design will then be transformed into an actual object. A 3D CAD program that is extremely well known is Sketchup, which is often used for interior, furniture, architectural, and landschap design. Even though this is a very good application to use, it may be smart to use a different program. Some of the alternatives to Sketchup you might want to consider will be introduced in this article. You could use these for 3D printing San Jose.


One of the best characteristics of Sketchup is how easy it is to access it since the program is extremely simple to use. Tinkercad shares this big advantage. It is owned by Autodesk and based in a browser. Tinkercad is a tool created to help newcomers get familiar with 3D design. It may not have a lot of editing tools, but Tinkercad does allow you to begin with presets. You could then refine these into more complex shapes. Therefore, this program is seen as very intuitive, while the technical performance is quite high too.

Fusion 360

Just like Tinkercad, Fusion 360 is also created by Autodesk. It is a parametric CAD software that targets mechanical and product design applications. Fusion 360 is developed with an integrative approach, this enables businesses to turn ideas from concepts to functional objects. But, it also allows companies to run simulations, render items, and fabricate them. Why would you choose Fusion 360 over Sketchup? Well, mostly because Fusion 360 makes it possible for you to design products using parametric modeling. This way you can adjust dimensions by simply entering new values. Sketchup does not have this very useful feature.


Blender’s main characteristic is its great versatility. It is an open-source 3D program that enables you to handle all types of 3D works: modeling, animation, rendering, VFX, et cetera. Blender was not intended for architectural design, but it does still have some features that make it an interesting alternative to Sketchup. This is partially because Blender allows you to create organic shapes with an intuitive surface subdivision system. Besides that, it gives you access to advanced polygon editing tools for offsets, bevels, and more features. Blender even handles greater amounts of polygons on one single scene better than Sketchup.

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