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The best liquid vitamins to buy online

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There are many reasons to buy liquid vitamins. They absorb better, typically have fewer additives, and are easier on your stomach than most capsule and tablet form vitamins.

Not all liquid vitamins are created equal, and the body more efficiently processes some than others. Many brands of the liquid vitamin have a lot of undesirable additives. Since a liquid vitamin is specifically designed to get nutrients into your body as quickly as possible, adding unwanted chemicals could be considered counterproductive.

Vegan and organic is better

Organically grown fruits and vegetables are better for you. They contain higher concentrations of some essential phytochemicals, and they have fewer chemical fertilizers and additive residue.

Liquid vitamins are made by putting the vitamin or mineral extract into a liquid medium like oil or glycerin. The fluid acts as a carrier for the vitamin, so your body more readily absorbs it. The concentrate is extracted from plant or animal sources.

Since the majority (by volume) of each dose you take is this carrier, whatever it is made of should be something easily digestible and less reactive. By choosing organic liquid vitamins, you avoid concentrating on any harmful byproducts of your supplement’s farming process.

In addition to choosing organic sources, great liquid vitamins avoid allergens whenever possible. Anything that is allergenic can be concentrated too much higher levels in the process of producing a supplement, so even if you have a mild or unknown allergy, it can be triggered by an allergen in a supplement.

This can lead to problems if you have an unknown allergy. For many allergens, each reaction is worse than the last. This means even if you never had any known allergies, you may react to your vitamins due to the higher concentrations that occur.

Once you have had that reaction, your allergies are now more likely to flare up and react. Since you may not even realize that your allergy issues are due to the vitamins, you could continue taking them and respond further.

A good example is zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral, meaning you need it for bodily functioning, but your body cannot produce it. Most dietary sources of zinc are meat or nut products. If you are vegan, your options for sources of zinc are minimal.

Zinc is also vital to immune function, so many people supplement to make sure they are getting enough in their diet. Vegans are most likely to supplement due to the difficulties of getting adequate amounts without eating pounds of nuts every day.

Many zinc supplements don’t consider sourcing on the zinc they include, so vegans end up with a few wrong options when shopping for vitamins in the drug store. Most drug store vitamins do not have sources for the minerals they include.

Since sourcing is optional, a vegan buying drugstore zinc may be getting zinc from animal sources or nut extracts. Even if you don’t have a known nut allergy, the concentrated levels could trigger anaphylaxis.

Shopping online lets you research

Supplements purchased online are more likely to provide better documentation on ingredients and sourcing. Besides, you can take the time to make sure certain elements are avoided.

For example, according to Mary Ruth Organics, their zinc is vegan, as well as being gluten and nut-free. This means it avoids concentrating some of the most high-risk allergens into dangerous levels.

In summary, buying vitamins online lets you avoid the pitfalls of store-bought vitamins. The best vitamins to buy online will be vegan and organic and will avoid common allergens whenever possible.

Story by Robert Carney

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