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The best lighting kits for home studios or location photography

businessWith the tremendous growth in technology needs for different businesses keeps on changing and growing as well. Some decades ago, a photography studio could be okay working with any diffuser, flash head, power pack, and sync cable. However, in today’s digital world, there are numerous pre-packaged kits for any studio work making it easier for photographers to equip their home studio adequately. They say that you can only get what you have paid for, and therefore when shopping for studio lighting kit, you will not only consider the level of expertise of your package but also your budget. You can either go for continuous lighting, flash lighting or both depending on your needs as a photographer. While it can be overwhelming to choose the best lighting kit for your home studio, the following options can help you make an informed decision on the same.

  1. Fovitec Studiopro

This lighting kit is popular with many photographers due to its good quality, powerful lighting, and versatility. The package comes with two stands, one one-socket head, two five-socket heads, three softboxes, a boom stand, one sandbag, eleven 45-watt light bulbs, and a transportation bag. According to Ismail Sirdah, studioPRO is capable of lighting in a perfect manner and therefore can recommend it to any location photographer. This lighting kit is very easy to move around with as it weighs 26.1 pounds. Most photographers who are looking forward to making portraits, product and art photography, should consider going for Fovitec StusioPRO because its lighting setup is ideal for this job.

  1. Limostudio 700-Watt

Most beginner photographers who are interested in portrait photography should go for LimoStudio lighting package because it produces flawless results. This lighting package comes with two adjustable stands that are 86 inches tall. The adjusting feature is perfect for doing photography in any lighting condition. Other features that come with it include two lights, two light holders, two stands, an integrated travel bag, and since its 10.4 pounds it is very easy to transport it from one studio to another. Setting up this lighting kit is very easy because there are only four steps involved. The white bulbs that come with the kits help in making any scene achieve a natural and vivid ambiance within a few minutes.

  1. Studiofx 2400-Watt

StudioFX 2400-Watt is one of the best lighting kits and is very good for every beginner in a photographer. The package is three-piece as it comes with three light stands, three softbox units, and three light heads. The softboxes can efficiently hold up to five bulbs, and each bulb has its own on and off control buttons. This feature makes StudioFX 2400-Watt perfect for product photos, portraits, and videography. The light produced by this lighting package can work very well with DSLR cameras such as Nikon, Canon Olympus, and Sony among others, regardless of your experience as a photographer. The only challenging thing about this kit is the fact that it weighs 29 pounds making it a little bit hard to move around with it. However, Ismail Sirdah says that if you can overlook the weighting aspect, Studio FX is very good for every beginner.

  1. Fovitech Studiopro 3000w

This lighting kit is known for having the best spurge, and while it might be a bit pricey compared to the 2500W of the same package, it comes with a better studio setup. Fovitech StudioPro 3000W comes with diverse muslin backgrounds ranging from green, white and black color. This aspect makes even the simplest shooting you make to have a professional touch in it. The kit also has a 7.6 tall stand and a perfect width that allows different lighting systems and rigs to be mounted without any difficulty. Each lighting system weighs about 2.5 pounds and therefore can be transported easily. Each bulb produces 3000W lighting, and this provides a good base for brightness needed to diffuse the softboxes. With Fovitech StudioPro 3000W you produce high-quality portraits, studio interviews, and video shooting.

Have just started your photography or videography career? These lighting kit options should help you decide on the best package to buy and get the best shots from your home studio.

Author Bio: Douglas Pitassi is a freelance writer and small business blogger.

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