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The best ink for Cannon printers

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Do you have a Cannon printer but find yourself unable to decide whether to get genuine ink or opt for replacement ink cartridges instead? To help you choose, we have gone through each aspect that you need to consider before parting with your cash. Once you have read our advice, we are certain that you will know what ink to choose the next time you run out.

Think Cost

We all know that printer cartridge replacement is expensive and a wise consumer will shop around to find the best priced item in order to save the most money. With this in mind, genuine ink will never be able to beat the price of replacement ink. However, many consumers end up with poor quality ink because they buy the cheapest on the market without considering the quality. Finding a cheap printer ink supplier is easy, but one that has high-quality ink is harder.

Think Quality

The best ink for printer machines is the one that offers the highest quality and interestingly, this is not always the genuine ink replacements. Cannon have a ready made market and as such, do not need to worry too much about the quality of their ink as long as it prints without running. Specialist ink companies have to prove their worth and so they take the time to provide some of the highest quality ink so that their customers return time and again. The only catch is finding a company that does this and the best way to do that is to opt for one that only sells ink as they will need you to be happy in order to keep your business.

Think Convenience

When it comes to getting your new ink, you are not alone in wanting to get in the easiest way possible. Cannon do offer an online purchasing system but this often incurs postage fees along with the premium price for genuine ink. Most replacement ink services will provide you with free delivery so that you can benefit from lower priced printer cartridge replacement as well as getting it to your door with the least fuss and expense.

Think Customer Service

Again, replacement ink services beat genuine ink suppliers when it comes to customer service. Take a company like Smart Ink; they produce their own top quality ink, supply it cheaper and offer outstanding customer care, 24/7. In addition, they also offer a no-quibble 2-year warranty that covers the product in case you are unhappy with the quality of ink you receive.  In direct contrast, Cannon do not need to worry too much about providing such an in-depth service as they can afford to lose a few customers without noticing the pinch!

The reality is simple, replacement ink offers more positives than genuine ink and will keep your expenditure low and you printing quality high. However, before you dive in an order your Canon 281 XXL ink, make sure that you take the time to find a reputable seller and avoid falling for the lowest price from a seller who doesn’t specialise in ink!

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