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The best features of the video editor app

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If you want to make something creative and require a powerful video editing tool then we are here for us Filmora video editor. It is the starting tool that is used for editing the software and is also an important choice so that you can be the best YouTube video creator. Several programs and videos can easily be edited by using this software and it has most of the useful features embedded in it. Everything included in it is very much valuable and therefore its features of different modes and animations make it the most popular YouTube video editor amongst its competitors.

Features of Filmora video editor app

  1. It has all the special features including the features like adding special effects and editing the color of the video so that it may look more efficiently made. It is very easy to create a video from it since it is the YouTube video editor It has a picture-in-picture effect that helps the user in moving and zooming the picture.
  2. The user may also resize the picture and can also get the video clip edited to the appropriate timeline that you require. The middle can also be a change of the video by using the edges and corners of the video. There are plenty of transition effects offered by Filmora so that there can be no competition between its competitors and make it stronger among them.
  3. There is mainly more than a hundred transition that can be even searched by their names. There is a special technique offered by the video editor that gives an unusual schematic diagram of what is going to happen after applying a certain animation. This helps the user in determining the effect of the transition after it has been applied.
  4. When you decide on a certain animation then it is completely set into the clip and then you can even take another animation for another clip. The user may easily consider this as the dragging transition timeline entry. You may easily apply a transition just by double-tapping in it and then dragging it onto the clip. You may also check whether the condition is overlapped prefix or postfix on the video clips of yours.

Advantages of using YouTube video editor

The feature of instantly cutting the video makes it the most appreciating video editor. it is a very important tool while importing some of the video clips since it helps the user in following the tips and tricks and is also very helpful in making it look beautiful. It is also very easy to use and get the name of the instant cutter by its feature of doing the same. The user may drag and join multiple videos to make a single video and then even the user may make a video that looks similar altogether.

There is also a mode of trim mode that helps the user in trimming the ends of the video and even then, its left panel does not show the other clips since it lets you control and concentrates on a certain video only. There is also an option in the YouTube video editor of adding the segment in between the video and making it look more creative at the same time.

There is a feature of the magnetic timeline of the road that automatically sets the next video you are given to attach with the previous one with a perfect timeline. So that there is no blank space in the movie. Auto ripple feature makes it movie gap-free and helps the user in making it look good once it is turned on. You can also trim the ending and starting of the video according to your choice by the silver option present on the current position line on the video editor. The Plus sign that is present on the video appears after every clip that means about the reading option on the video after each.

This helps the user in even reading the thumbnails and storyboard view. It also shows the timeline that is made upon the audio waveforms to enhance the properties that are visible to the user. All the important tools like media and audio are present on the top left of the interface with titles and transitions.

Final verdict

There are various advantages of using the Filmora video editor because it has a wide range of video effects that can be added to the video according to the requirements. It is a tool that can easily work on laptops and desktops and has an easy-to-use interface. It gives you excellent value for your money and is very easy to use. It has a list of both basic and advanced features that work on every type of Windows and it is very easy to be used on computers. New Effects are launched every month and all the paid plan owners can easily get them.

Story by Diane Joyce

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