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The Best Browsers for Windows in 2019

Picking a browser is a very delicate decision for any user. A few years ago, people had no options or alternatives and had to use Internet Explorer. It was considered to be the most stable browser for Windows. Today, things are changed. Read about the best browsers for Windows

The Best Browsers for Windows in 2019

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Nowadays, regardless of what device you use daily, you have plenty of browsers to install. Most compete with each other for many years, trying not to lose their users and improving many aspects. Others are not good enough to impress users with presented features and possibilities. For a regular user, a browser is a very important application that must fully fit one’s requirements and needs. The main purpose of this review is to provide our readers with more information about browser applications and demonstrate them the list of the best for Windows. Let us start.

Google Chrome

Every single version of Google Chrome is better than the previous one. Developers are working hard to achieve the highest results. People can notice that this browser allows them to surf online at high speed. Countless helpful and useful features of Google Chrome makes it the best browser in the world, and millions of downloads only prove this fact.

Naturally, many users face some bugs, but developers always react fast by releasing the updated version with fixes. One of the biggest advantages of this browser is synchronization. In a few clicks, you can connect all your Google account, import or export necessary data, and manage your bookmarks. Another noticeable aspect is a translation. Given that most users utilize this browser outside the United States, people can translate pages into their native languages. Although the translation is not ideal, there is still room for improvement. As a matter of fact, the whole translation process is made through artificial intelligence, which becomes very progressive in recent years for the software industry.

It is comfortable to use google chrome thanks to its variety of extensions. Nowadays, you can add many applications as extensions and work with different files without closing the tabs. Advanced privacy options and settings help users to be protected against possible malware and online threats. There is no doubt that this browser will be remaining on the top for the next years.

Mozilla Firefox

The main rival of Google Chrome on the browsers market. It is not hard to notice that both teams are trying to compete with each other by delivering innovative approaches to their applications and flexible functions for convenient Internet surfing. It is almost impossible to evaluate both browsers since they are the most popular and effective.

Firefox has an intuitive and progressive interface that allows users to access all options and settings instantly. For many years developers tried to lower the RAM consumption during a load of multiple pages, and finally, they have done it. Regardless of your system hardware, it is possible to launch many bookmarks and navigate them without slow motion. A matter of security is also another factor that forced developers to work on updates. Now, you can be safe on any Internet resource, knowing that no one has access to your camera, microphone, and location. Additional security measures also come packed with the latest version of Firefox.

This browser allows users to add various add-ons that can improve your online activity in many ways. Regardless of your functioning, you can always find helpful and useful add-ons directly in the application’s menu. Constant updates are also the reason why users choose Firefox over other browsers. This application is worth your attention if you want to change the web browser.


An interesting name for the application. Opera browser is considered to be one of the most popular browsers. However, Google Chrome and Firefox are still the biggest threat to this application. Unlike its main rivals, Opera has unique features that make this browser perform better in certain situations. It is worth mentioning that this application allows users to navigate the VPN. The latter feature is very popular for users from countries, where top resources are blocked due to the established restrictions.

Along with other helpful features, this application has an intuitive interface that allows users to surf online without any issues. The integrated and classic bookmarks manager is also worth your attention. Opera allows you to save as many URLs as you want and sort them out by different folders.

Many users describe the ‘Personal news’ feature, which provides you with the latest information from the most popular resources, such as BBC, CCN, The Guardian, and the NY Times.

If you hate online ads, then this browser may fit you perfectly. The ‘ad-blocker’ feature allows users to avoid annoying online advertisements that sometimes may be malware or viruses. The ‘Extensions’ section also includes many helpful built-in utilities for different activities. Other important features and options you can experience by installing this application manually.


Regardless of your decision, it should be mentioned that all these browsers are currently the best browsing applications for Windows users. Even though other applications are trying to surprise users with impressive features, these browsers prove their stability for many years.

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