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The basics of sheet metal fabrication

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Every manufacturing sector relies on sheet metal fabrication or rapid prototyping essentially. Actually, everything starts and ends with this technology in the manufacturing industries. Furthermore, sheet metal fabrication is used to create a lot of the products we use on a daily basis. However, an individual could decide to employ this technique as well. This can be done by hiring a service that can also be hired for 3D printing San Diego. Before you actually start to use sheet metal fabrication it is, of course, handy to know what this technology is exactly. This article will inform you about some important aspects.


Sheet metal fabrication begins with a piece or raw sheet metal, it is that simple. This will later be transformed into a desired shape, which is done in multiple ways. It will be formed and deformed, but material removal could be done too. For this process you can use lots of different metals. The thickness of the metal sheet will obviously depend on the material. Stainless steel can be up to 14 gauge for example, while up to 3/16 in. is possible for aluminium. As said before, the metal sheet will be shaped into a desired appearance. To do this the producer probably not only forms, deforms, and removes material, but he/she will also cut, burn, and stretch the material. Special tools will be needed to be able to do this obviously.

Materials & specifications

As stated above, you can use loads of different metals for sheet metal fabrication. Some examples of the possible materials are aluminium, titanium, and stainless steel, but there are definitely more options. The metal sheet you end up using will be placed in press brakes. Often these machines can hold sheets weighing up to 125 tons that are up to 10 feet. No matter the size, tight tolerances can always be achieved. These can be up to circa 0.005in.


The biggest advantage of sheet metal fabrication is that it is a cost-effective way to get any number of desired sizes and shapes. This is the main reason for the popularity of this technique. Another benefit is that the producer will need a short amount of time to develop the objects. Sheet metal fabrication will also definitely meet the needs and high standards of the customer. It will create pieces that are strong, but also long lasting.

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