The alarming rise in popularity of teen vaping

The popularity of vaping has exploded in the last few years. Adults are trying to quit smoking using an e-cigarette, but teenagers often get acquainted with this habit through vaping. According to reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 4.9 million high school students started vaping in 2018. But why are teenagers so attracted to this trend? Is it just the fact that they think smoking is cool and is a fashion statement? Or do they try to imitate their parents or their favorite movie or music stars?

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Teen-friendly flavors

Vaping is made more enjoyable due to their flavors. The availability of many teen-friendly e-juices is attracting adolescents to experience what vaping is all about. Regular cigarettes have a brittle taste, which turns of most teenagers. Vaping products allow teens to choose from a range of their favorite flavors like chocolate, mint, and strawberry. It’s not uncommon to find electronic cigarette e-juice Canada that experiments with new flavors like coffee, candy, mixed fruit, cereals, and several others.

There is a myth that these flavors are developed to attract teenagers to try vaping, but there is no clear evidence that supports this claim. Adults enjoy these flavors too, but usually, since teenagers don’t like the smell and taste of regular tobacco, they prefer trying the flavored alternatives.

No health concerns

Another myth that exists around vaping is that its effects are similar to traditional cigarettes. For one, many claim that teenagers can develop a condition known as wet lungs due to excessive vaping. It is a type of breathing problem where the lungs trigger an immune response suddenly causing hypersensitivity to smoke. However, these claims are unfounded. There are no conclusive evidences that prove vaping causes wet lungs. In fact, it’s widely regarded that vaping proves to be the safer alternative to traditional smoking.

No passive smoking

Teenagers are more concerned about the environment than the older generation. Vaping is a step forward to a greener environment because the e-cigs don’t emit smoke. The smoke from regular cigarettes affects others around you. Teenagers and even kids can become passive smokers if they are exposed to an environment filled with smokers. Teens these days understand this problem, and those who choose to smoke prefer using vaping products to avoid causing any harm to the people around them.

What can be done?

Smoking is never a good habit at any age. Although vaping is a better alternative to smoking tobacco, you still cannot ignore the fact that you may experience lung problems if you become a chain smoker—whether you’re using e-cigarettes or the real thing. This can lead to serious lung problems over time.

It is high time that parents intervene in their teenager’s smoking ways. Educating them about what smoking or vaping can do to their bodies can go a long way in helping them develop healthier habits. While experts often recommend smokers to make the switch to vaping, it’s important for parents who are aware that they’re teens are vaping to ensure that this doesn’t ultimately lead to their child smoking real tobacco in the future.

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