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The aesthetic and technological breakthrough in gas cooking

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Gas hobs will never be the same. 3P Engineering company along with Stekio and Fireluft technologies represents the gas hobs of the new generation: more powerful, more cost-effective and manageable through a smartphone. Their aesthetic appearance is a great bonus.   

Efesto project (that is financed by 3P Engineering) is aiming to develop the technological innovations in the gas cooking sector had generated the Stekio and Fireluft burners. The amazing technical possibilities of the gas hobs demonstrates all the powers in one burner changing the power from minimum to maximum. Rosalino Usci and Michele Marcantoni, the chief executives of 3P Engineering, claim that there is no need to change the burner while cooking because all burners are adjusted to all forms of kitchen utensils from the big pan up to the Turkish coffee pot. The outstanding peculiarity of both Stekio and Fireluft burners is the flame unit in the middle of the burner that reaches 400 W. Such a technological approach enables to increase efficiency and reduce the cooking time. The fundamental restrictions of gas burners sink into oblivion. The new gas hobs are considered to be the potential competitors to the induction models. And we at repair it if you need.

Stekio burner

Stekio burners have been initially designed for adherents of luxury and high-tech performances. This is a pre-mix atmospheric burner having the powers according to the rapid, semi-rapid and auxiliary burners. The professors of the Polytechnic University of Milan (one of the best universities of the academic industrial design in the world) made their significant contribution into the aesthetic appearance of the Stekio burner: the grids are twice thinner and their height is about 20 mm. Such a design solution made the Stekio burner look elegant and exquisite. Due to the shortened distance between the burner and the pot one can save time for cooking and money for the annual gas bills. Indeed, the aim to obtain the technically improved and at the same time the eye-appealing burner has been achieved. The massive and high grids which were far away from the flame unit are a thing of the past. The success of this technologically innovative and aesthetic hobs was so evident that the Stekio burner has been chosen to be exposed in the Trienniale Design Museum in Milan.

Fireluft burner

Fireluft hob is the pressurized pre-mix burner demonstrating the high power in one single flame (more than 4 kW). Such a technology is usually in a demand on the professional kitchens. It is worth noting that Fireluft hob is developed corresponding to Indoor Air Quality. This technology uses air for combustion and the more efficient fume collection. Of course, the design has been also taken into the consideration – like in Stekio Fireluft hobs have the grids which are also thinner and the distance between the assumed pot and the burner is much shorter. To suit any kitchen style Fireluft burner can have a hexagonal or circular design. The new generation of burners is really the harmonious combination of the elegant appearance and powerful technical features.

3P Engineering patented both the design and technical features of Stekio and Fireluft technologies. To be precise, there are eight technical utility invention patents registered. The chief executives of 3P Engineering are convinced that the technical breakthrough in gas field has been achieved due to the knowledge and experience gained within many years and the cooperation with customers at home and abroad. The heating in particular was the first sector to use the pre-mix burners in the gas combustion. The forthcoming idea of using this combustion technology in gas cooking was the obvious conclusion offered itself.

Digital control

Marcantoni and Usci emphasize that Stekio and Fireluft technologies let gas demonstrate pretty the same technical functions like induction. Moreover, by implementing some digital solutions Stekio and Fireluft can be connected to such systems like the Internet of Things and Smart House. The control though the smartphone also became the reality. The chief executives underline that the technologies are about to be managed on the distance. If someone realizes while being in the car far away from his home that the gas hobs have not been turned off, Stekio and Fireluft should be switched off remotely. This is the next challenge 3P Engineering is facing now since safety is the main goal the company is constantly working at. Therefore, the triple security level (SIL 3 – Safety Integrated Level) has been inserted into the gas burners. “Since the operation of the single burner is controlled by electronics, power and time are easily manageable and programmable”, – Marcantoni and Usci affirm. Due to the single code for all burners, Stekio and Fireluft technologies are reasonably beneficial for manufacturers as well.

Just wonder what the next technological innovation is expected from 3P Engineering around the corner?

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