The advent of SEO in Thailand

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Thailand is increasingly becoming a land of immense opportunities thanks to its robust tourism, which makes Thailand one of the most searched places on the internet. Interestingly, Thailand is the global leader in terms of time spent on the internet via mobile or any other device. According to the statistics provided by We Are Social, an international agency, Thailand ranks within the top 10 places for having an impressive mobile social media penetration as well as ranks within the top 4 for high social media usage. These statistics make Thailand the hotbed for digital marketing and SEO experimentation for their businesses.

Why does the advent of SEO in Thailand help global and local businesses?

There has been a huge content consumption in Thailand for the past few years which has been proven by a survey conducted by the National Statistical Office of Thailand. Nearly 90% of the 62.8 million respondents of the survey are smartphone users and access the internet regularly. What can contribute to the rise of SEO in Thailand is the statistical fact that the viewers spend an average of 9 hours per day surfing through the internet which is more than any other country.

Thailand is trying to tap its vast potential in causing a digital disruption which can give a much-needed boost to its global and local businesses.

Thailand is increasing its expenditure on mobile advertisements and focussing more on mobile responsive websites with the aid of SEO. This is the most logical and fruitful thing to do because every number, facts, and statistics point to the conclusion that the majority of the people of Thailand access their online content, be it Facebook, YouTube, or e-commerce websites through their smartphones. The businesses have understood that if they want to get noticed they need to splurge more on making themselves visible across the internet which can be easily accessible through mobile phones.

Key digital trends in Thailand

The right keywords in any relevant content will prod the Google search engine algorithm to bring that content to the top when it is searched by the viewers.

The employment of SEO in Thailand is a good idea for businesses because of the following reasons:

  • SEO is one of the best investments in this era
  • Increased website traffic or ad viewership – This can be achieved because of the huge online consumer base in Thailand.
  • Cost-Effective – The right content can help tap a large online consumer base, some of which can be converted to potential customers.
  • Effective for long term

There is a figure to support the last point. Thailand is witnessing a 24% (YoY) growth of internet users from 2017 onwards. So a step towards investing in SEO now will reap rewards for a long time.

SEO in Thailand has been implemented intelligently to reap maximum benefits. Here is how:

Increasing focus on content

People of Thailand spend an average of 1.7 hours per person on YouTube which has a base of 46 million users. Given their love for online content, it is important to churn out relevant content which they are doing through building blog communities, video blog communities of social media influencers and responsive websites.

Spending on social media influencers

With the right keywords presented with the online review video of any social media influencer, the companies are trying to tap the huge base of young, tech-savvy audience who are intelligent enough to search for peer reviews online before buying a product.

Thailand has been one of the favourite holiday destinations across the world and witnesses a lot of international traffic as well. There is no denying that Thailand is already on the verge of digital disruption given that a large number of its population is hooked to the internet for their daily content needs. Hence, SEO in Thailand will prove to be the best investment and a profitable step forward.

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