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The 7 best countries to teach English as a foreign language

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Are you a native English speaker?

Or maybe you’re not.

Anyway, are you really proficient in English?

Do you speak, use, and understand English so well that you’ve even developed a knack for teaching others?

If so, then you must know that people like you are really adored and in demand in almost every part of the world.

The idea of teaching English as a foreign language is now a big industry worldwide, with global English teachers now earning as high as $2000+ monthly in various countries of the world.

If you, too, would like to be like them, then it’s time to pack your bags (and visa) and head to any of the countries looking for talents like you.

Below are seven of such countries.

Note: Before you can teach English in most of these countries, you’ll need to have a certificate in TEFL. To get that, you should take some accredited TEFL courses here.

United Arab Emirates

Did you know that expats in the UAE outnumber locals?

In fact, by a staggering three to one ratio!

What does that tell you?

That a lot of foreigners enjoy coming to the country.

In fact, you’ll see and deal with more foreigners than locals in the UAE.

So, blending in is never going to be an issue.

Furthermore, you can expect to earn between US$3000-$5000/month.

Although life in the UAE is quite expensive, you can expect your handsome salary to help you offset the living costs while still being able to save.

The only downside is along with your TEFL certification (please ensure you get accredited TEFL courses here if you haven’t already), most job opportunities in UAE require that you have teaching experience.

Costa Rica

Not everybody enjoys teaching kids, tweens, and teens.

Maybe you find it easier to teach and explain concepts to adults.

For these types of people, Costa Rica is their destination.

The demand for English teachers is huge in Costa Rica because most adults (business owners and individuals) are constantly seeking to sharpen their English proficiency skills.

For a country that boasts the highest literacy rate in Latin America, this is not surprising.

Also, most of the employers here are private language institutes. And they pay in the region of $1000+/month.

Unfortunately, you may need to be in Costa Rica before you can apply for most of the jobs.

South Korea

Another wonderful place to head to is South Korea.

With a salary cap of around US$2000-$2500/month, South Korea prides itself as one of the planet’s best hotspots for TEFL teachers.

What’s more?

In addition to these exciting salary offers, most TEFL teaching opportunities in South Korea also offer additional packages to cover your visa paperwork, accommodation, and flight costs.

However, unlike the offers you get in countries like the UAE, South Korea often requires that you have a Bachelor’s degree and come from a native English speaking country.

Czech Republic

The only European country on the list.

Czech Republic is more than just Prague.

If you’re happy to teach English in Europe, then the Czechs are happy to hire you. Although most employers here will often offer to pay around US$1000 per month, the relatively low cost of living in the country would enable you to live fine while still being able to save.


If you haven’t got any teaching experience but still want to fly abroad to make some money teaching English, China should be the first place on your mind.

China is the country with the most relaxed TEFL teaching requirements. There you’ll find language schools that are willing to take you whether or not you have a Bachelor’s degree, come from a native English speaking country, or have no experience at all.

Although TEFL certification is still a must!

On the downside, though, most schools in China don’t pay as highly as the other countries in this post.

Generally speaking, you’ll find salaries in the ranges of $600 and $2000/month (without housing).

But with the relatively low cost of living in the country, surviving and saving shouldn’t be so hard to do.


Japanese are one of those people in the world that are really big on English speaking.

Across almost all their industries and systems, English-speaking is highly demanded.

As such, proficient English teachers are constantly in huge demand. And are paid handsomely, too.

Compensation in most Japanese English teaching institutes is around US$3000/month. Not to mention there are other additional offers such as airfare and accommodation bonuses.

You should know that the cost of living in Japan is pretty high (even higher than countries like China and South Korea).

Also, due to the popularity of the country in the TEFL teaching space, there is huge competition for the jobs on offer.

To boost your chances of getting jobs in Japan, you should consider joining their JET program.


If you are looking for a place where there is little to minimal competition for English teaching jobs, then you should head to Colombia.

Colombians are really taking English-speaking seriously and her more than happy to shell out US$1000/month to hire teachers with TEFL certifications.

Additionally, most Colombian employers also offer to help teachers with their visas and work permits.

Story by Uday Tank