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The 6 best ways to hire excellent employees

The process of hiring the right employee can be challenging. However, by employing the right employee, you will ensure that your time is paid back through employee productivity, healthy employment relationships and a positive effect on the work environment. Additionally, getting an excellent employee is a process that will enhance your work culture, improve worker morale and increase the accomplishment of challenging goals. Below are the six best ways you can use in your hiring process.

1. Define the Job

The first thing you should do when you are hiring new employees is create a job analysis. The job analysis will help you outline the details and the description of the new position. The job details include the duties, skills and the responsibilities that the new hire should have. The job analysis should also include the aspects of the work environment and the outcome that is expected for a particular job. The job description that the job analysis offers is necessary because it will enable you to plan your recruitment strategy. This strategy will help you get the right employee.

2. Plan Your Recruitment Strategy

Now that your job description is ready, start working on your recruitment strategy. The first thing that you should do in the recruitment plan is set up a recruitment planning meeting. The meeting should include all the key employees that will be involved in the hiring process. Therefore, the hiring manager should be among your key planning individuals. Use this planning meeting to create the recruitment strategy. If you have done this as a team before, you can meet through email and set up the strategy. Once the plan is complete, you can start the hiring process.

3. Recruiting Potential Candidates

One method that you can use to get the right employees is developing relationships with potential candidates before you need them. When you have existing potential candidates, it becomes easy to recruit many candidates whenever a position is available. Also, since the relationship is built before the hiring process, you can select candidates that are more qualified for the posts in your organization. The more qualified your pool is, the more qualified your new employee will be for the job. Consider such relationships to be talent pools that you might need in the future.

4. Review Credentials and Applications

Another advantage of writing a proper job description is that it helps when you start reviewing the job applications you have received. Within the review process, you should ensure that you have checked the job applications, the job application letters, the cover letters, and the resume. Since you have your desired characteristics in the job description, you will be able to identify the candidates that qualify for the position as you review each application. The review helps you to check the skills, experience, characteristics, and qualifications of each employee. Thus, your time will be spent only on hiring the best fit employee for the company.

5. Prescreen Your Candidates

Prescreening is an essential process in hiring because it saves you the time of selecting and interviewing employees that are not right for you. An application can be perfect, but prescreening will intuitively tell you whether the candidate’s qualifications truly match the needs of your company. Also, the prescreening process will give you the advantage of confirming their salary expectations. If the candidate’s salary is not corresponding to your job, you can decide to either change the terms of the employment or choose another candidate. While you are conducting the prescreen interview, remember to confirm whether the individual will fit with your company’s culture.

You might consider using pre-employment assessments like the Berke Assessment.

6. Ask the Right Interview Questions

The job interview is a critical and essential part of the hiring process. This interview acts as a vital tool in your hiring process. Therefore, any question asked in the interview will be critical in helping you employ an excellent employee. Fundamentally, you should consider the interview questions that will separate the average candidates from the desired candidates. Therefore, take the time to find the best job interview questions to use and ensure that they are in line with your company’s needs.


The recruiting process for hiring the best employee can be challenging. However, the results of getting top talent will be worth the effort.

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