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Thailand jewelry manufacturers ship to retailers worldwide

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Thailand jewelry manufacturers have had a good reputation in the jewelry industry for many years. They have been known for good quality jewelry at some of the lowest prices in the world.

For years, jewelry retailers from all over the world have made South-east Asia a destination for purchasing trips and visits to the jewelry manufacturers of Thailand. This was in the days before the internet, combined with the capabilities of modern shipping, making these trips obsolete. These trips were as much a holiday to an exotic location as they were a business trip.

The retailers would conduct their business in Bangkok before heading out to the tropical beaches and islands the country was famous for.

Online Ordering

These days, the ease of ordering online and having wholesale merchandise shipped right to your door has taken some of the romance out of the jewelry business while making it a lot more efficient and profitable. But Thailand stills maintains its reputation for high quality at low prices.

Browse through some of the websites of jewelry manufacturers in Thailand. You’ll find thousands of creative and well-crafted pieces reflecting the latest fashions and trends. Thai jewelry manufacturers have their fingers on the pulse of the world’s jewelry trends.

With low minimum orders, retailers all over the world have discovered that ordering online from these quality jewelry wholesalers makes sound business sense. By placing a single order for many pieces, they cut down on their shipping charges while maintaining their stock in fashionable and trendy, high-quality jewelry.

Quick and Efficient Shipping

The capabilities of the world’s shipping companies have also increased over the years. You now have a choice between express or economy shipping.

For orders that need to be filled as soon as possible, simply choose express shipping and receive your orders within 3-4 days. For orders that are placed to maintain a regular supply of stock, choose economy shipping, and receive your order in between 15 and 30 days. Economy shipping also allows you to save more per piece by ordering more. The shipper charges by weight rather than by piece. With the shipping charges increasing by a minuscule amount, the greater the weight of your order, the retailer is encouraged to order as much as they can to cut down on shipping costs.

The retailer is also able to keep track of the progress of their order. Jewelry manufacturers in Thailand generally ship your order the next business day after they receive it. Once the order is in the hands of the shipper, it’s assigned with a tracking number that allows the retailer to track its location anywhere in the world.

Retailers who enjoy a steady business and increase their stock around the Christmas holidays and Valentine’s Day will get to a point where they always have stock on their best-selling pieces but are never overstocked.

The internet and modern shipping techniques may not be as romantic as the old-school jewelry-buying trips of yesteryear. Still, it’s made the life of a jewelry retailer much more efficient, manageable, and profitable.

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