Temporary closure to dogs in greater Dickey Ridge Area at Shenandoah National Park

shenandoah national park dickey ridgeA temporary closure to dogs has been established in the greater Dickey Ridge area (Mile 4.6 Skyline Drive) to reduce the risk of negative dog/bear encounters.

This action in no way will change the Park’s policy of allowing dogs in the park. It is being taken with an abundance of caution to provide a resident sow and two cubs with an adequate buffer from disturbances by dogs within this bear’s home range (the greater Dickey Ridge Area).

The temporary closure to dogs encompasses the greater Dickey Ridge Area (see Map, an area approximately one mile by two miles) and will be in effect from approximately August 9-September 5, 2016. The closure area extends to the park boundaries from Skyline drive milepost 3.5 in the North to milepost 6.5 in the South (see Map, red rectangle). However, the open/mowed area immediately surrounding the Dickey Ridge Visitor Center and restrooms (see Map, green oval) will be open to dogs on a 6 foot leash.

The Snead Farm Fire Road and Loop Trail will remain closed to hikers while park staff continue to monitor the area.

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