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Update: Teen in court on NYC murder charge

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The 13-year-old suspect in the murder of Barnard College freshman Tess Majors was in court in New York on Friday, and is expected to be arraigned next week on second-degree murder charges.

A second teen was in custody as of this writing, and a third is being sought in connection.

You can learn more in the report on Friday’s courtroom activity in the New York Times.

We’re not going to link to that report.

Majors was an intern with us here at Augusta Free Press in the spring.

We thought the world of her.

What happened to her is a tragedy beyond comprehension, and having reviewed the reporting in the Times and other New York City media, we’re not able to go into the details.

It was harrowing. Sorry, not trying to be dramatic, but it was.

The Times isn’t naming the suspect, who identified himself in court, because of the decision not to prosecute him as an adult.

The New York Post did identify him. His name meant nothing to us when we saw it.

We’re not linking to that report, either.

We feel the need to update our readers on the developments in the investigation, but it feels gratuitous to go into the details.

We’re supposed to be impartial media, inured to this kind of thing, but we’re people, too.

Like many of you reading this, we’re beyond sad, for Tess, for her family.

We want to be mad, but we haven’t gotten past the being sad part.

We’re not sure we’ll get past that part anytime soon.

That feels less than professional, and we apologize for that.

We’re going to keep up with the developments, and report the bare details.

And remind people to keep the Majors family in your prayers.

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