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Getting kids into environmental activism

Young people can also get involved in environmental protection efforts right in their own backyards even without the support of a non-profit.

EMU alum Kate Baer’s blog on motherhood goes viral

One late night in early August, Kate Baer, EMU ’07, received the email that every writer hopes for. This one was from an editor at the Huffington Post, asking for permission to share Baer’s recent blog post, “When You Are Tightly Wound.”

WWE News: Mick Foley weighs in on Daniel Bryan heel turn

Mick Foley thinks highly of Daniel Bryan. And he thinks what’s best for business for WWE right now is that Bryan help put Bray Wyatt over. “Personally, I see the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in Daniel Bryan’s future. But in the meantime, he has a chance to do something almost as important and prestigious; he […]