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Virginia wildlife damage hotline taking thousands of calls

Wildlife can be beautiful to watch from a distance, but close up it is causing damage for farmers, landowners and even some city dwellers.


Help support Virginia’s wildlife

Filling out an income tax form is not really for the birds. Actually, it is for the birds, turtles, frogs, crayfish, chipmunks, and a host of other mammals, reptiles and invertebrates that make up the category of nongame wildlife.

Virginia to receive $1 million in federal funding for wildlife conservation projects

U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced more than $1 million to Virginia state wildlife agencies.


Aquaculture predators create problem for the industry

Wildlife predators are not just a problem for cattle and sheep farmers, they are harming the state’s aquaculture industry as well.


Be cautious when encountering wildlife

With summer come greater opportunities to spend time outdoors. There’s also a greater likelihood of encountering wildlife.

Researchers say community livelihoods depend upon accurate wildlife estimates

Evidence of wildlife passage, such as tracks, scat and disturbed surroundings, is an accurate tool for assessing wildlife conservation.

Can group-living wildlife species survive the spread of disease?

“Safety in numbers” applies to many wildlife species, whether the threat is a hungry predator, too little water, or a diminishing gene pool. But when the threat is infectious disease, population density may increase the risk.

Virginia Tech student’s research reveals new, troubling threats to Madagascar wildlife

Habitat degradation and deforestation are recognized as principal threats to wildlife globally but have especially destructive implications on the island nation of Madagascar, where four out of five of the plant and animal species are found nowhere else in the world.