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Bob Goodlatte: Seeking an independent IRS investigation

For many Americans, the IRS is the primary way they interact with the federal government. To have the IRS acting as a politicized organization that persecutes citizens for their political beliefs shakes the core of our democracy.

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Robert Hurt: Americans deserve answers on Benghazi emails

Like all Americans, I was devastated by the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, which claimed the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Looking back, it was obvious that the Undertaker Streak was coming to an end

The ring entrance for The Undertaker included a display of 22 coffins, 21 for his previous WrestleMania victims, the last one for Brock Lesnar, who was about to be added to the list. Watching WrestleMania 30 with a friend and his two elementary-school-age sons, it was one of the younger fans who pointed out the obvious.

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Randy Forbes: Banning the American flag?

In 2010, five students went to school at their public high school in California wearing T-shirts that displayed the American flag. That sentence seems anything but newsworthy. In fact, it seems extremely ordinary in a nation where citizens proudly display our flag on apparel, outside our homes, on our cars, inside our schools, and across our towns.

Holocaust Denial: A case study of the Mullahs’ hardliner-moderate game

Iran’s bombastic former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was notorious for calling the massacre of 6 million Jews in World War II a “myth.” Ahmadinejad, whose presidential term ended in August, also flouted UN Security resolutions about Iran’s nuclear program, dismissing them as “insignificant”.

Bill prohibiting celebratory gunfire passes Virginia Senate

The Virginia Senate passed HB 810, a measure to prohibit celebratory gunfire. It passed 27-13 on Wednesday on a bipartisan vote, with unanimous Democratic support and several Republicans voting in favor.

Analysis: National media quiet on Kevin Quick case

The Kevin Quick case seems like a made-for-cable-news drama, complete with its own breaking news theme music and endless questioning from the likes of Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren of talking-head former prosecutors and defense attorneys who know nothing about the case but still talk ad nauseam about it anyway.

Analysis: Good recruiting saving Mike London at UVa.? What good recruiting?

The story at the end of the miserable 2013 UVa. football season was that it was a big recruiting haul in the Class of 2014 that was saving Mike London.

UVA Athletics

Quick Hits: How Virginia held off Norfolk State

What happened to Anthony Gill? Gill, third on the team in scoring at 9.2 points per game, didn’t get off the bench in the first half. He did end up playing 10 minutes in the second half, scoring seven points with a +/- of +9.

UPDATED: Sen. Creigh Deeds stabbed, in critical condition; son dead from gunshot

State Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, is in critical condition after being stabbed at his home in Millboro, and his son, Gus, 24, is dead from a gunshot wound, according to multiple media reports Tuesday morning. Details about what happened at the Deeds home are still not known.

UVA Athletics

UVa. men’s soccer loses to Maryland in ACC title game, 1-0

Top-seeded Maryland scored on an own goal in the 88th minute to win the 2013 ACC Men’s Soccer Championship, 1-0, over Virginia on Sunday afternoon in front of 4,763 fans at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Germantown, Md. The sixth-seeded Cavaliers (10-5-5) now will await their NCAA tournament fate.

Shades of 2005: Mark Herring, Mark Obenshain headed toward recount

Depending on what time you went to bed on Election Night, either Republican Mark Obenshain or Democrat Mark Herring was the winner in the 2013 Virginia attorney general race. For most, it was Obenshain, who had the lead in the counting all night long. If you stayed up into the wee hours, it was Herring, who led by 616 votes in the counting as of 3 a.m.

Chris Graham: Did the GOP blow the Virginia election? Let me count the ways

Terry McAuliffe outspent his Republican gubernatorial opponent by more than $17 million, and won the election by two and a half points. So, yeah, this one was the Virginia GOP’s race to win. Don’t let them sell you now on the idea that they pulled off some miracle in just losing by 55,000 votes after being down by double digits in the polls last week.

Dinner Diva: Enough with the nuggets!

There’ve been several articles making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter lately, giving people a look inside a chicken nugget. Spoiler alert: it’s gross. It might not come as much of a surprise to you, but inside those fast-food chicken nuggets, there isn’t a whole lot of actual chicken.

Robert Sarvis denied spot in WDBJ governor’s debate

Robert Sarvis is rising in the polls, but his improved showing wasn’t enough to earn him a spot in the Oct. 24 governor’s debate being sponsored by WDBJ in Roanoke.

‘What Happened,’ Congressman?

Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net I don’t know that I disagree entirely with what Bob Goodlatte had to say about former White House press secretary Scott McClellan’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee last week about his knowledge of the Bush administration’s role in myriad questionable activities. “I have to say that I don’t think […]

Winners and Losers: June 24, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net WINNER: Waynesboro Mayor Tom Reynolds goes out on a high note Nice tribute from Waynesboro City Council members to the outgoing mayor, Tom Reynolds, last night. Big ups to Tim Williams for sharing a personal story that broke through the tensions that we’ve been feeling here in the ‘Boro in […]

The Rats Parade

Dull Ache column by W.R. Marshall adullache.today.com Little Scotty wrote a book that has the tongues a waggin, The spin machine is out in force, while the polls are still a saggin’. The tome tells of egos and lies in the run up to a war, Actually quite compelling stuff, but we’ve heard it all […]