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Study finds whole milk may help with weight loss

A recently published study in the journal Circulation discusses how whole milk may promote cardiometabolic health.

10 tips to keep healthy New Year’s resolutions

Losing weight and eating healthy usually rank at the top for New Year’s resolutions. One week into the New Year, are you working hard to keep those promises?

Cooking up a weight-loss solution: Blue Mountain Brewery chef changes his life

Rob Bond, a chef at Blue Mountain Brewery, didn’t set out to lose 120 pounds. When he joined the Waynesboro YMCA, he was thinking, I need to do something.

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Calorie counting doesn’t work for weight loss: Except that it does

An article in Time makes the claim that “calorie counting simply can’t be done accurately,” and thus is no longer considered helpful for those trying to lose weight.

Waynesboro man loses 161 pounds, 22 pants sizes in 54 weeks: How he did it

Jeff Hoke, 44, of Waynesboro, has lost 161 pounds over the past year, dropping from 409 pounds to his current 248. It started, literally, with “baby steps” at the Waynesboro YMCA, Hoke said.

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Eat less and move more: The secret to losing weight, changing your life

People ask me all the time, How did you do it? This time last year, I weighed in at 275 pounds. I’m down to 177 as I write this, just short of 100 pounds off that high, or depending on your perspective, that low, low point.

What’s up with Lebron?

An “iffy” back. And now his coach is saying that he’s putting together a plan to rest him to keep him fresh for the playoffs. Time to ask the question: something up with Lebron James?

Chris Graham: Go negative

They say negative energy is bad for you. Whatever. They think they know everything, and they don’t.


Live Well RVA study takes aim at obesity

A new study under way at Virginia Commonwealth University is focused on tackling obesity in young adults.

Dinner Diva: Keen on collard greens

Collard greens are a wonderful item to add to your veggie rotation. They are versatile, they taste good, and they’re one of the most nutritious vegetables you can eat.

First step: Single mom shares how she lost 98 pounds

Jenn Frye didn’t want to be “that kind of mom” – the kind that sat on the bench at the park while her kids played, stuck there because she was out of shape and unable to keep up with the youngsters.


   Column by Leanne Ely www.SavingDinner.com I knew it was coming, and it did: the holiday goodies are piling up at my house. Boxes of candy, a cookie sampler basket filled to the brim with every favorite homemade cookie you can imagine. My aching thighs! But time for a reality check. This is the time […]