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City Council responds to Harris

Waynesboro City Council stopped short of disciplining City Councilman Mike Harris in the aftermath of a controversy that erupted over a letter to the media from Harris that alleged secret dealings by Mayor Frank Lucente

Gloves come off at candidates forum

Is the 2012 city election going to be about a long-dormant downtown-development issue, or about the current City Council’s decision to roll the dice on a $3.5 million parcel of land that Mayor Frank Lucente hopes will appreciate in value for resale in 20 years? That is the question heading into the home stretch toward […]

Chris Graham: Three-point-five million reasons to vote da bums out

Frank Lucente will tell you ’til he’s blue in the face that he’s for the little guy. And then there’s the truth. The little guy doesn’t have thousands to give to his re-election campaign, and that’s what Lucente and his cronies on City Council have their focus on, getting re-elected. And why not – because […]