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Let the people fight their own wars

As the War on Terror wages on, Americans are left wondering how we are to fight this very real monster that the U.S. government helped to create.

Terrorism as a twofer

Sam Smith on terrorism: “That which uses guns and bombs and that which uses words to terrify the public into going along with whatever those in power want.”

Analysis: What does U.S. have to gain, lose in Gaza?

The first rule of wars on terror: you can’t win a war on terror. Though as we’re seeing yet again in Gaza, it’s not that the aim of a war on terror is to win the war on terror.

Here we go again: Iraq is a threat to the United States?

The civil war that is breaking out in Iraq cannot be confined to Iraq, the implication being that, as in 2002, in the runup to the disaster that was our first war in Iraq, yeah, we need to spend another trillion dollars, countless young lives and the rest.

Boko Haram: Us against them mentality cedes no middle ground

The name of the group responsible for the kidnappings of dozens of girls from schools in Kenya, Boko Haram, translates loosely to “Western education is a sin.”

Chris Graham: Newt Gingrich is right on global warming

Newt Gingrich thinks John Kerry should resign after telling a conference in Indonesia on Sunday that global warming is “perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

Sanford D. Horn: Whitewashing 9/11

Barack Obama has finally done it. He has issued government edict on how we the people should behave, react, comment and yes, even think, about 9-11, its perpetrators, and the reality of the facts. 1984 and government-speak have become reality. George Orwell would be proud and disturbed all at once. This administration, coupled with the […]

Chris Saxman: Cold Fusion – Ghostbusters Edition

If there’s something strange/In your neighborhood Who you gonna call? United States Navy SEAL Team Six! That’s who! I emailed a good friend of mine whose brother was one of the victims of the World Trade Center attack and asked how his family was doing after learning Usama bin Swimming with the Fishes. His reply […]

Wolf: Let’s re-evaluate terrorism efforts

   Staff Report News Tips: freepress2@ntelos.net 10th District Congressman Frank Wolf, author of the 1998 legislation creating the National Terrorism Commission, today called on President Obama to bring back the co-chairmen of the 9/11 Commission to evaluate which of the panel’s recommendations have been implemented and which ones have not. Wolf also called for the […]

Wolf to Obama: ‘Please stop these releases’

Congressman also calls for public release of info on detainees Staff Report Rep. Wolf online: www.wolf.house.gov 10th District Congressman Frank Wolf is again calling on the Obama administration to halt the release of Guantanamo Bay detainees to countries like Yemen in the wake of an attempt by a man with ties to extremist groups in […]

Webb on Afghanistan: ‘How do we define our enemy?’

  Statement from U.S. Sen. Jim Webb www.webb.senate.gov I have great regard for the careful process employed by this administration in an effort both to define a new approach for the long-standing military commitment in Afghanistan and to put an operational framework in place for our responsible withdrawal. At the same time, I intend to […]

9/11: Bin Laden’s Victory

Column by W.R. Marshall Gen. David Patraeus is leaving Iraq. Osama Bin Laden has won. A simple declarative statement — and an unfortunately true one. The victory was handed to him by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al; the Neocon architects of the now ironically entitled “War against Terror.” A war that was lost before it […]