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Virginia Democrats release information on delegate selection process for 2016 national convention

The Virginia Democratic State Central Committee, at its quarterly meeting on September 12th in Williamsburg, announced a series of steps to encourage full participation by all Democrats in the delegate selection process for next year’s Democratic National Convention.

virginia Democratic Party

Virginia Democrats report more than $2 million in political contributions in second quarter

Governor Terry McAuliffe continues to raise enormous sums for the Democratic effort in Virginia, announcing today that Common Good VA PAC and the Democratic Party of Virginia raised over $2 million in the second quarter.

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Democrats win battles: But Virginia Republicans win the war

Watching the State of the Commonwealth address with the sound down, one thing was obvious during the cutaway shots on applause lines during Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s speech.

Karen Kwiatkowski: Thoughts on the McAuliffe win in Virginia

For many conservative and libertarian Virginians, there is a dull sense of horror at the somewhat close election of uber-slimy Terry McAuliffe. We were subjected to nonstop negative ads, in particular focusing on women’s body parts. Anyone with a uterus was encouraged to “see something, say something,”

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Senate Democrats highlight GOP extremism

With the 2013 legislative session just two days away, the Senate Democratic Caucus released a new website on Monday targeting Virginia Republicans’ radical social agenda.

Warner, McAuliffe: Don’t cede territory, and stand for something

The driving force behind this blog is my effort to get my head around what happened in Virginia between 2008 and 2009 that turned the tide from where we saw the Old Dominion give its electoral votes to Democrat Barack Obama in ‘08 and then elected Republicans Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli to […]

WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com: Virginia Dems mum on NYC mosque

Democrats are falling over themselves to comment on the proposed Muslim community center in New York City two blocks from the former World Trade Center. Just not, to their credit, Virginia Democrats. Chris Graham reports on the WhenVirginiaWasBlue.com blog.