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Ken Plum: Selective accounting

The budget proposed this year by the Governor and adopted by the General Assembly will become effective July 1, 2016.

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McAuliffe signs budget: Line-item vetoes healthcare provision

Governor Terry McAuliffe completed his actions on legislation from the 2016 legislative session by signing House Bill 30, the biennial budget bill.

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Ken Plum: Balancing the budget

One of the responsibilities of the Governor of Virginia dictated by the State Constitution is to propose a budget for a biennium. W

terry mcauliffe

McAuliffe budget to fund measures to strengthen domestic travel at Dulles Airport

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget he will introduce on December 17 will invest $50 million to attract more customers and airlines to do business at Dulles International Airport.

terry mcauliffe

Governor McAuliffe signs FY2015-2016 budget bill without amendment, line-item veto

Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement today after signing the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Budget Bill as it passed the General Assembly, without adding any amendments or line-item vetoes.

Speaker Howell announces steps to improve transparency in state budget process

Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) announced a series of actions Friday to improve transparency in the budget-making process.

James W. Hazel: Transportation Funding Plan Is Defining Vote

Political conventions and primary campaigns are in full swing across the state and that means political rhetoric is at a high at the expense of common sense. Several candidates, mostly self-styled Tea Party Republicans, are attacking GOP leaders for supporting Governor Bob McDonnell’s transportation funding plan enacted this year. Don’t listen to them.

Bob McDonnell signs transportation funding legislation

Gov. Bob McDonnell today ceremonially signed Virginia’s Road to the Future (HB 2313), the state’s first comprehensive transportation funding plan approved in 27 years.

Gov. Bob McDonnell: Major transportation projects moving forward

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced on Thursday that the Commonwealth Transportation Board advanced over $150 million in long-sought transportation improvement projects at its meeting in Richmond yesterday. These projects are being funded as a result of the Governor’s 2011 Transportation Funding and Reform Package.

Broad bipartisan support for McDonnell budget, legislative amendments

As the 2013 General Assembly session draws to a close, the overwhelming majority of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s 2013 legislative agenda passed with strong bipartisan support, leading to the passage of the first sustainable and long-term transportation funding and reform package in 27 years, and sweeping K-12 education reforms. The House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia approved 88 percent of the amended bills the governor sent down.

Ken Plum: Sustaining Virginia’s Future

In spite of the quarterly references in the news media that Virginia has a budget surplus, the fact of the matter is that according to The Commonwealth Institute Virginia’s investment in education, transportation, and health care falls about $4.8 billion short compared to pre-recession levels.

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Storm clouds: House Dems talk up other side of budget surplus

Virginia House Democrats talked up the other side of the $448 million state budget surplus announced on Wednesday


Virginia posts $448M budget surplus

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced today during his annual remarks to the annual meeting of the General Assembly Joint Money Committees that Virginia has posted a total revenue and savings surplus of $448.5 million dollars for FY 2012

McDonnell puts good spin on budget-amendment massacre

The Virginia General Assembly on Monday rejected 26 budget amendments made by Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose office tried to put a good spin on the development

McDonnell offers up budget amendments

Gov. Bob McDonnell submitted his amendments to the budget passed by the General Assembly during the 2012 special session

Chris Graham: Somebody needs to be the grownup

The ongoing state budget stalemate is going to continue to be ongoing until Democrats on one side and Republicans on the other come to the realization that somebody needs to be the grownup. And yes, it’s both sides that need to come to that realization. The nonsense that you hear from Richmond from Democrats blaming […]

Senate Democrats claim victory in budget deliberations

Senate Democrats are claiming success in a budget vote by the Finance Committee that provides for more funding for public schools, families who have suffered during the foreclosure crisis, and Virginia’s most vulnerable citizens. “We made this budget a lot better in terms of health and human services and public education. It was a cooperative […]

He finally gets it: Governor accepts growth numbers

After months of talking down data showing a long-term growth trend, Gov. Bob McDonnell finally seems to be getting it. “Virginia continues to gradually recover from the extremely difficult economic period of the past several years,” the Republican said Tuesday in a statement on the news that state revenue collections grew 17.2 percent in February. […]

Procedural move keeps state budget alive

On Thursday, Del. Lacey Putney, I-Bedford, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, requested and was granted unanimous consent from the General Assembly to introduce two new budget bills beyond the normal deadline. The Senate failed to pass previous budget bills advanced in the House, rendering them dead for the session.

Senate Dems vote again to block state budget

The message being sent by State Senate Democrats is clear: Work with us, or else. “This is nothing new. Four years ago, every single Republican voted against the budget. In 2004 the Republicans held up the budget until May. In 2007 the Republicans held up the budget until June. We still have four months to […]

Chris Graham: What’s good for the goose …

Republicans in the United State Senate have used arcane legislative rules to their advantage the past two years to fight from the minority anything substantive that Democrats want to do from coming to fruition. Republicans in Virginia are now crying foul that their Democratic counterparts are riding an arcane rule related to the 20-20 split […]

State revenues down in December

Is Gov. Bob McDonnell playing politics with a quirk in the calendar? The governor’s office announced today that December revenue collections decreased by 4.7 percent over the prior year. A press release from the McDonnell office noted calendar abnormalities with December only having four Wednesdays this year versus five Wednesdays last year, with Wednesdays being […]

House Dems announce support for health-insurance competition bill

Today, House Democrats announced their support for legislation to set up a health insurance marketplace in Virginia. Delegates Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) and Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) are introducing legislation modeled after the recommendations of Governor Bob McDonnell’s Virginia Health Reform Initiative (VHRI). The VHRI was formed to implement the federal health care reform law in Virginia. […]

House Dems: Need to make sure state budget funds core functions

House Democrats offered measured reactions to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s budget proposal as outlined during the Joint Finance Committee meeting Monday morning. “This is the first opportunity we’ve had to see the complete budget and not just the pieces that have been released by the governor over the past few weeks. This budget deserves a thorough […]

McDonnell announces $544.8M surplus for 2010-2011

In his annual summer address to the Joint Money Committees of the General Assembly this morning, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced that Virginia has posted a surplus of over half a billion dollars for FY 2011. The $544.8 million surplus follows the Commonwealth’s $403.3 million surplus for FY 2010. The FY 2011 surplus consists of the […]

McDonnell sells budget amendments to legislators

Gov. Bob McDonnell prepares to address state legislators on Friday. Gov. Bob McDonnell talked up his proposed amendments to the 2010-2012 state budget to state legislators on Friday. The focus in his speech to members of the Senate Finance Committee and House Appropriations and Finance committees was on job growth. Earlier in the week, McDonnell […]

McDonnell: State ran $220M surplus in FY ’10

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Wednesday that the Commonwealth of Virginia has posted a preliminary revenue surplus at the conclusion of the 2010 fiscal year on June 30. The surplus, after miscellaneous interest payments are distributed, will be at least $220 million, according to new estimates. The primary source of the surplus comes from individual withholding […]

State may post revenue surplus

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Gov. Bob McDonnell announced today that May revenue collections significantly outperformed projections. General fund revenue collections declined by only 0.2 percent, far outpacing the budget forecast of a 2.3 percent decline. With the new numbers in, and on the heels of the first back-to-back months of increases in general fund […]

Kaine: K-12 to be spared

State aid to localities for K-12 public education will be spared the budget shears when Gov. Tim Kaine details the latest round of cuts to the state budget Tuesday afternoon. “I will give you guys a sneak preview. K-12 will escape. Because the school year has started. There’s some things inside the Department of Education […]