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university of virginia uva

UVA rector: Independent counsel report will be made public

At the Board of Visitors’ request, the Virginia Attorney General selected an independent counsel to review the University’s policy, practices and procedures with regard to sexual assault.

university of virginia uva

UVA president outlines components of action plan for campus safety

President Teresa A. Sullivan today announced key components of an action plan designed to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable climate of safety at the University of Virginia.

university of virginia uva

Open letter to UVA alumni

By now, most of you have been made aware of an article in the Rolling Stone titled, “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA.”

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Former UVa. professor Michael Mann critical of Mark Obenshain on climate change

Republican attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain is trying to change his story on gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli’s crusade against former UVa. professor Michael Mann’s climate-change research.

mark obenshain

JMU students, faculty raise issue with Obenshain on choice issues

Today, two former James Madison University faculty members as well as current and former students called attention to Republican attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain’s time as a member of the James Madison University Board of Visitors and his crusade to stop the university’s health center from dispensing emergency contraception.

mark herring

New web video highlights differences between Mark Herring, Mark Obenshain

Today State Sen. Mark Herring released a web video comparing his record against State Sen. Mark Obenshain’s.

mark obenshain

Goodlatte endorses Mark Obenshain for attorney general nomination

Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte announced on Monday that he is endorsing Harrisonburg State Sen. Mark Obenshain for the Republican attorney general nomination.