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Obama speaks on payroll-tax cut

Tuesday, Feb. 21 THE PRESIDENT:  Hello!  Good to see everybody. Please, have a seat.  Have a seat.  (Applause.)  Good morning.  I want to thank all of you for coming. I want to thank my outstanding Vice President, Joe Biden – (applause) – who is here today, and members of my administration for joining us.  But […]

Remarks by President Obama on American manufacturing

Event at Master Lock, Milwaukee, Wisc., Wednesday, Feb. 15 THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, Milwaukee!  (Applause.)  It is good to be back in the great state of Wisconsin.  (Applause.)  This is the closest I’ve been to home in a while.  I was thinking about getting on the 90-94 and just driving down to my house.  (Laughter.) Thank […]

Presidential address on jobs

Tonight we meet at an urgent time for our country.  We continue to face an economic crisis that has left millions of our neighbors jobless, and a political crisis that’s made things worse. This past week, reporters have been asking, “What will this speech mean for the President?  What will it mean for Congress?  How […]

Chris Graham: Need to stand for something

Republicans do. Might not be what the country needs now. Focusing on balancing the budget in a time when we’re worried about another economic slowdown makes no sense. But hey, give them credit, that’s where we are right now. Why? Because the GOP is on message, and Democrats … are rudderless. I’ll give President Obama […]

Paul Egerman: Proud to invest in America

I love America, and have proudly invested in America. I have invested by building successful businesses employing thousands of American workers. And I have invested in our country by paying taxes. But our nation loses $100 billion a year to tax dodging by some of our largest corporations and wealthiest people. That’s a trillion dollar […]

Peter Leeds: Past the point of no return

You’ve certainly heard the endless stream of negative economic news lately. America’s fiscal house is in trouble, job growth has stalled, and we may be driving right into a double-dip recession. While giving their pessimistic economic outlooks, there is one thing that the doom-sayers have gotten wrong – they aren’t nearly worried enough. This isn’t […]

Webb to GOP: Don’t destroy the U.S. economy in order to save it

Mr. President, I would like to express my support for the Majority Leader’s plan to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit. Our nation, as we all know, faces a looming crisis. The markets have already warned us. Businesses are already postponing investments. We know the consequences of inaction; they are predictable: Borrowing costs […]

Riane Eisler and Kimberly Otis: The debt, women and our future

What do women really want from our President? This is a question President Obama should be asking if he wants to keep his job for another term — which hinges on the women’s vote. His campaign emphasizes the appointments of very talented women: Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, Elizabeth Warren to […]

David Cox: The glass half-full

Column by David Cox Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net   As I read these pages each week, I get the impression I may be alone in thinking things are looking up. Many will disagree, but I believe our national glass is filling up. Here’s why.

Unemployment rate takes unexpected dip

  Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Don’t get too excited, but the nation’s unemploynent rate made a move in the right direction in January, falling to 9.7 percent from 10.0 percent in December. “It is important not to read too much into any one monthly report, positive or negative. It is essential that we continue […]

Unemployment – and underemployment

More than 11 million Americans are out of work, another 8 million are in search of full-time work but are currently working part-time, and yet another 1.9 million are known to be out of work but aren’t otherwise accounted for in what we refer to as the national unemployment rate. Sobering news, indeed, from the […]