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Single-payer advocate criticizes Obama, Dems

I’d not heard anyone talking about single-payer health care at the state level until I walked door-to-door with Sherry Stanley for a profile story that I wrote about her during her campaign for the 25th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1997. All these years later, with much of her free time […]

Larry Struck | Fix health care by learning from other countries

Picture yourself with a serious health problem and no medical care. This is not difficult to imagine for anyone without health insurance or with substandard coverage. Fortunately, my partner Debra, and I were in excellent health when we departed the U.S. aboard our sailboat for a multi-year sabbatical. We left corporate and government jobs which […]

Chris Graham | We’re smarter than that

Sure, we can argue numbers on health care, as we have been doing incessantly, at the behest of partisan Republicans who mask themselves as nonpartisan fiscal conservative patriots defending mom, apple pie and the American way of health insurance being provided the way it’s always been provided, by for-profit companies that we assume are more […]

Sam Rasoul | U.S. business, big and small, hurting because of our current health-insurance system

The practice of work-related health insurance began as a way for employers to get around the wage controls of the Second World War. The idea worked then, providing companies a way to attract the best workers in a time of labor shortage.

Liz Riggin | Health care should not be a luxury

The current health-care system is not meeting the needs of most Americans. Individuals and families are faced with overwhelming financial burdens when treating both “typical” medical needs and unexpected medical traumas. Due to the high cost of health care, many Americans are not seeking treatment. Delayed treatment usually leads to further health complications and requires […]

A downturn, or a chance to regroup?

I don’t want to accept that we’re in an “economic downturn” just because everybody says that we are. OK, sure, I get it. The banks aren’t loaning money because they got burned by the subprime-lending fiasco. And now the auto industry is supposedly on the kabosh. And factories are laying off left and right, just […]

Bottom line – we’re falling behind because of our stance on single-payer

The Top Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Poll: Would you support the adoption of some kind of universal health care system in the U.S.? As recently as a year or two ago, mention of the words universal health care in the context of the ongoing national discussion of what to do to address the growing […]