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mark herring

Herring continues fight against Trump travel ban

Attorney General Mark Herring is leading a coalition of state attorneys general in the fight against President Donald Trump’s travel ban

Rural Virginia projects threatened under Trump budget?

President Trump’s budget proposes to eliminate programs like the Economic Development Administration.


Senators urge Trump to restore funding to Appalachian Regional Commission

Senators are urging President Donald Trump to reverse his proposal to eliminate funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission.

tim kaine

Kaine calls on Trump to veto resolution gutting Internet privacy rules

Tim Kaine calls on President Trump to veto a resolution that guts privacy protections for customers of internet and telecom companies.

Senators oppose Trump cuts to Chesapeake Bay funding

Senators representing the Chesapeake Bay Watershed blasted President Trump’s budget released Thursday.

mark herring

Herring calls on Trump administration to continue student debt protections

Attorney General Mark Herring is urging the Trump administration to continue student debt protections.

mark herring

Herring continues fight against Trump travel ban

Attorney General Mark Herring is continuing the fight against President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

tim kaine

Kaine on CBO report on Trump healthcare plan

Sen. Tim Kaine comments on the CBO cost estimate of the Republican healthcare plan.

mark herring

Attorney General Mark Herring on revised Trump travel ban

Attorney General Mark R. Herring comments on President Trump’s revocation of his original travel ban.


Farmers approve of Trump move to ditch Waters of the U.S. rule

The flawed Waters of the U.S. rule was nothing more than a federal land grab.

What kind of impact will Trump administration have on environment?

The Trump administration is pushing forward with plans to gut the Environmental Protection Agency.

mark herring

AG Herring argues against Trump immigration ban

AG Mark Herring made the nation’s first arguments in court on why President Donald Trump’s immigration ban should be stopped.

mark warner

Sen. Warner’s opposition to AG nominee Jeff Sessions moves to Senate floor

Sen. Mark Warner spoke out today against the nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be the next Attorney General.


16 state AGs file amicus brief in suit against Trump immigration ban

AG Mark Herring is joining in an amicus brief in support of the federal lawsuit against the Trump immigration ban.


Trump administration to identify affected Virginia residents

A federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to provide Virginia with a list of all impacted by the executive order on immigration.

mark herring

Virginia brings action against Trump executive order on immigration

Attorney General Mark R. Herring today brought legal action against President Trump for his executive order on immigration.

mark herring

Herring formally requests info on detentions in Virginia under Trump order

AG Mark Herring has formally requested additional information on detentions in Virginia resulting from President Trump’s executive order.

mark herring

AG Mark Herring on Trump refugee executive order

Attorney General Mark Herring issued the following statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration.


Senate Democrats demand full disclosure from Trump nominees

Democratic Ranking Members of 16 Senate Committees issued the following joint statement of principles for vetting the President-elect’s nominees.

mark warner

Warner: Trump tax plan could give Trump family a $4 billion tax break

Sen. Mark Warner, in an interview with WTVR in Richmond, last night criticized one of the tax breaks for the wealthy in the Donald Trump economic plan.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Virginia business owners: Trump’s economic plans ‘dangerous’

A group of Virginia business owners are taking issue with Donald Trump’s economic plans and his record of profiting at the expense of others.

andy schmookler

Andy Schmookler: Trump and American foreign policy

Hillary Clinton’s critique focuses on “temperament.” This piece focuses on the combination of Donald Trump’s ignorance and boldness.

Sam Ben-Meir: Is Trump a new kind of fascist?

Donald Trump’s obscene demagoguery has served to raise the specter of a new fascism on the political landscape.

Andy Schmookler: I was wrong about Trump

There’s been a change in how I see Donald Trump. A few months ago, I saw him as an accomplished actor, able to pick what role to play for the occasion.

Sleazeball Trump a day late, a dollar short on veterans donations

Sleazeball Donald Trump called a weirdo news conference to highlight his efforts to raise money for veterans groups.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam criticizes Trump’s veterans record, rhetoric

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, a former Army doctor who cared for soldiers during the Persian Gulf War, praised Hillary Clinton’s plan to support veterans and military families.

tim kaine

Kaine statement on Trump rooting for housing market collapse

Sen. Tim Kaine criticized presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump over revelations that Trump rooted for the housing market to collapse.

How many #NeverTrump folks will stay the course to November?

The Democratic Party of Virginia sent a note to media over the weekend highlighting statements from Virginia Republicans who don’t like Donald Trump.

bernie sanders

Sanders defeats Clinton in West Virginia: Preibus errantly throws stones

Bernie Sanders won Tuesday’s West Virginia Democratic presidential primary, receiving 51.4 percent of the vote in a convincing victory over Hillary Clinton.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Republicans have a Trump problem: But Democrats have a Clinton problem

All eyes are on how the Republican Party is about to implode with Donald Trump all settled as the GOP presidential nominee.

Suffolk University/USA Today Poll: Trump voters set to flee GOP?

A majority of Donald Trump supporters said they would vote for him if he were to lose the nomination and run as a third-party candidate.

Trump’s toxic aggrieved-nation shtick

The key to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — the feature that explains nearly everything else about that toxic dump — is his aggrieved-nation shtick.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

On trade, Sanders and Trump are peas in a rotten pod

Neither Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist, nor Donald Trump, the self-described terrific businessman, knows squat about economics.

Trump’s creators

The Donald Trump phenomenon is indeed the creature of the Republican establishment, but there’s more to it than that.

Trump backs off Iraq charge: Admits he favored the war

Alas, Donald Trump has backed off from his charge that the Bush administration lied the country into war against Iraq.

Bush, 9/11, and Iraq: Trump gets it right

Donald Trump is adding value to the presidential campaign by calling former President George W. Bush to account for 9/11 and the Iraq war.

chris graham uva virginia

Podcast: AFP editor Chris Graham talks Iowa

Donald Trump skipped the Fox News Republican debate, the final chance to speak to voters before the Iowa caucuses on Monday.


Poll: Trump with lead in Iowa on eve of caucus

With Iowa ready to head to the polls on Monday, Donald Trump has a clear lead among Republican voters in the all-important first balloting of the 2016 election season.

Poll: Trump maintains big lead in New Hampshire

More polls have Republican frontrunner Donald Trump trailing in Iowa, but a new Public Policy Polling survey in New Hampshire has the billionaire leading big there.

Neat polling trick: Trump voters back bombing country from Aladdin

It’s a sign of the times in the America that Donald Trump is making great hate again. Forty-one percent of Trump backers favor bombing Agrabah.

People who go for the Trump Hate Your Neighbor posture

Anyone who cares about the question “What would Jesus do?” should recognize the hostile stance being rewarded by Donald Trump’s supporters as un-Christian.

Trump is but the mirror: Let’s focus instead on what he shows

If ratings are to rule, then dwelling continuously on Donald Trump is the way to go. He is a specific human being – and an especially flamboyant one at that.


Trump didn’t vote to kill 1 million Muslims in Iraq: Hillary did

Thanks to Glenn Greenwald for pointing out that the U.S. media is acting as though Donald Trump just invented bigotry this week.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Suffolk University poll: Donald Trump holds solid lead among Republicans in New Hampshire

It’s still three months until the New Hampshire primary, but the chill in the air suggests that the Summer of Trump is morphing into something else.