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Tommy Dreamer is right: No more head chairshots

ECW Original Tommy Dreamer said in a recent interview that wrestling needs to do away with unprotected chairshots to the head.

Ever wanted to write a WWE TV show? Study this script

A fascinating read posted to imgur.com: an apparently real script for this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw. If you’ve ever thought you could do what they do in terms of writing a script for a big-time wrestling show, you’ll want to study this script.

TNA previews old school pay-per-view

  TNA goes Old School with classic matches featuring Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Jeff Hardy, Abyss and more! TNA WRESTLING presents ONE NIGHT ONLY: #OLDSCHOOL premiering Friday, February 7 at 8/7c on Pay Per View.

No deal between Tommy Dreamer, TNA

Tommy Dreamer has been all over TNA of late, but it’s apparently not a permanent thing. PWInsider.com reported today that Dreamer has not been offered a TNA contract. Dreamer was booked for the TNA Old School PPV and was also on the Hardcore Justice PPV, and then was added at the last minute to house […]

Shootin’ Straight: Rob Feinstein

Rob Feinstein was there at the beginning of ECW, and he was the founder of Ring of Honor. So when he sees a future for AWE, that’s saying something. “We’ve had two shows, and the crowds speak for themselves. He drew over 1,000 for each night, and that’s pretty much unheard of in professional wrestling, […]