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AAA: Have summer gas prices peaked?

Have gas prices peaked for the summer? All the telltale signs, tea leaves, gut-feelings and educated-guesses market watchers and energy analysts hazard to use point that way.


AAA: Gas prices continue downward trend, despite Sandy

Gas prices continued their downward trend for the third consecutive week, following Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the northeastern U.S.


Sandy’s impact on gas prices

Many industry analysts have been predicting that gas prices could move higher in the short term, but the overall dynamic favors lower prices due to demand destruction, according to a report released on Wednesday by AAA.

Gas prices drop double digits: All eyes now on Sandy

After reaching an October peak price of $3.82 per gallon (Oct. 8), the national gas price average has dropped considerably during the past two weeks. The national average price for a gallon of regular self-serve gasoline has fallen for 17 straight days to $3.58 per gallon Friday, its lowest level since August 4th.


AAA: Gas prices on downward trend?

Prices at the pump have finally begun their seasonal decline, about one month later than usual. Although gas prices are higher than ever for this time of year, a downward trend has begun across the country.


AAA: Gas prices stabilizing

Gasoline prices continue to stabilize in the Northeast, following an unusual autumn spike over the past two weeks.


AAA: Gas prices slowly trending downward

While there are some signs of relief for motorists, as gas prices have fallen for 19 of 21 days (nationally), price relief has not spread evenly across the country, where the exception has been in the Northeast and West Coast where extremely tight supplies have seen prices move dramatically higher.


AAA: Gas prices continue gradual declines

Prices at the pump continue to retreat from an atypical September rally of daily gas price records, where prices peaked at $3.87 per gallon nationally. Despite these record highs, prices have begun to decrease following the end to the summer driving season, the resolution of regional supply and distribution issues, and the end of summer-blend gasoline specifications for much of the country on September 15.


AAA: Gas prices begin retreat after end of summer season

After increasing steadily from a July 2 low of $3.33 to a September peak of $3.87 per gallon, the national average price at the pump has begun to retreat.


AAA: Gas prices hold steady

Gas prices stabilized this week, and even retreated in some areas, once it was determined there would be limited impact to long-term oil production in the Gulf from Isaac.

AAA: Isaac and gas prices

What kind of impact might Hurricane Isaac have on gas prices? According to AAA, the storm is already having an impact on production, so the answer probably isn’t one we want to hear


AAA: Gas prices at 2012 highs

Motorists are paying more than ever for a late-summer drive, due to rising crude oil prices and refinery issues throughout the country


AAA: Gas prices continue rising above 2011 trends

Gas prices across the country continue to climb above year-ago prices, a trend which began last week after more than 100 days of holding below 2011 prices


AAA: Gas prices continue to rise

The continuing increase in the retail price of gasoline remains bothersome to motorists


AAA: Gas prices continue to climb

The price of regular blend gasoline rose eight cents last week, bucking the typical trend of gas prices dropping during the first week of August. More Americans take to the highways in the period between the first week of August and Labor Day Weekend than any other time of the year. American drivers also tend to take their longest road trips of the year


AAA: Gas prices up for fourth straight week

The national average price for a gallon of regular self-service gasoline was $3.49 Friday, up 4 cents for the week, yet down 11 cents from month-ago prices and 45 cents below the year-to-date peak price of $3.94 on April 5


Gas prices continue upward tick

Gas prices continued their upward tick for the second straight week, following 11 consecutive weeks of declines, inching up 6 cents nationally since the beginning of July

Report: Gas prices may have hit summer low

Prices began to creep slightly higher this week, ending a streak of 78 days which saw prices drift from $3.91 per gallon on April 16 to $3.33 per gallon on July 3

Gas prices at low since January

Gas prices continue to retreat, reaching levels not seen since January, which is welcome news for motorists embarking on a summer getaway to celebrate this week’s Independence Day holiday


AAA: Crude oil down from 27 percent from 2012 high

The official start of summer was marked by rising temperatures and falling gas prices. Prices at the pump continued to follow crude oil’s downward trend. On Tuesday, the national average price for regular grade gasoline fell below $3.50 per gallon for the first time since February 10. The national average dropped to $3.45 Friday, down 7 cents for the week, 23 cents for the month and 18 cents below year-ago prices

AAA: Falling gas prices could continue through summer

The multi-month slide in gas prices continues as the official start of summer approaches, easing pain at the pump for motorists and travelers. The national average price for regular grade gasoline dropped to $3.52 Friday – down 4 cents for the week, 21 cents for the month and 17 cents from a year ago

AAA: Gas prices continue welcome downward slide

Motorists have seen gas prices drop steadily for the past several weeks, bringing much needed relief at the pump as the summer driving season gets underway. The national average price for regular grade gasoline dropped to $3.56 Friday