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House passes amended 2016-2018 state budget

The Virginia House of Delegates passed an amended two-year state budget Thursday.

virginia general assembly

GOP state budget will include 3% pay raise for state employees

The Republican state budget includes a 3% pay raise for state employees and funds to raise the starting salary of Virginia State Police.

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Farm Bureau applauds governor, legislature for ag budget

Members of the state’s largest farm organization are pleased with funding of agriculture-related items in the finalized state budget.

House of Delegates passes 2016-2018 state budget

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a two-year state budget Thursday that includes no fee or tax increases.

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McAuliffe comments on state budget proposals

Governor Terry McAuliffe today issued a statement on the biennial budget proposals announced by both chambers of the General Assembly.

virginia general assembly

House Republicans release state budget blueprint

The Virginia House of Delegates Committee on Appropriations proposed a two-year state budget Sunday that includes no tax or fee increases.

steve landes

Del. Steve Landes highlights dollar-saving budget amendments

Del. Steve Landes, R-Weyers Cave, highlighted his cost saving budget amendments for the 2016 General Assembly Session.

steve landes

Del. Steve Landes to co-chair Wytheville budget hearing

Del. Steve Landes, R-Weyers Cave, will co-chair the January 7 hearing on the Governor’s Proposed 2016-2018 Biennial State Budget.

virginia general assembly

House leaders on signing of 2014-2016 amended Virginia state budget

Virginia House of Delegates leaders applauded Governor McAuliffe’s decision to sign the 2014-2016 budget without further amendments or vetoes Thursday.

virginia general assembly

House of Delegates passes conference report to amend 2014-2016 biennial budget

The Virginia House of Delegates voted Thursday to approve the conference report to amend the 2014-2016 biennial budget, sending the amendments to the desk of Governor Terry McAuliffe for his signature.

terry mcauliffe

Governor McAuliffe statement on passage of the state budget

Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement today after both chambers of the General Assembly passed a compromise version of the FY2015-2016 budget that reflects a broad majority of the economic priorities the Governor put before them at the beginning of the session.

virginia general assembly

House, Senate budget conferees announce conference report agreement, expect final vote on Thursday

House and Senate budget negotiators reached an agreement on a budget conference report over the weekend and expect final votes to be held in both chambers as early as Thursday, General Assembly leaders announced today.


Governor announces additional revenues available from new revenue forecast

Governor McAuliffe announced today an additional $136 million in state budget revenues as a result of the final mid-session analysis, which was completed after the Commonwealth’s books closed on February 9.

chris graham

Will Virginia lawmakers agree on state budget adjustments?

Augusta Free Press editor Chris Graham talks Virginia politics with host Jim Bresnahan on WREL-1450AM in Lexington, Va.


Virginia House Democrats respond to Republican budget

The House Democratic Caucus released the following statements on the budget that passed today in the House of Delegates.

virginia general assembly

House of Delegates passes amendments to 2014-2016 biennial budget

The Virginia House of Delegates passed its amendments to the 2014-2016 biennial budget Thursday, setting aside $99.5 million for the next rainy-day fund deposit, and eliminating $42.5 million in debt and $10.2 million in fees proposed by Governor McAuliffe.

virginia general assembly

House Appropriations Committee presents proposed amendments to 2014-2016 biennial budget

The Virginia House of Delegates Committee on Appropriations presented its proposed amendments to the 2014-2016 biennial state budget Sunday.

Ken Plum: Protracted General Assembly session

The Virginia General Assembly adjourned its regular session in early March this year and immediately went into special session that while still continuing has become the longest special session ever.

terry mcauliffe

Governor McAuliffe announces actions on the FY2015 state budget

Today at a press conference in Richmond, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced the savings actions he will execute to eliminate the revenue shortfall in the Virginia budget for Fiscal Year 2015.

virginia general assembly

House passes budget agreement to close Virginia’s $2.4 billion revenue shortfall

The Virginia House of Delegates on Thursday passed House Bill 5010, the bipartisan budget agreement that closes the remainder of Virginia’s $2.4 billion revenue shortfall for fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

terry mcauliffe

McAuliffe announces measures to expand healthcare services to over 200,000 Virginians

Today Governor McAuliffe launched A Healthy Virginia, a 10-step plan to expand healthcare services to over 200,000 Virginians.

McAuliffe announces second round of FACT Fund grants

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced on Wednesday the recipients of the second round of Federal Action Contingency Trust (FACT) Fund grants.

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Times-Dispatch: Emails show planning between Puckett, Kilgore

“Terry spoke to us today about announcing your role w/ the Commission in conjunction with what he said is your intention to announce your Senate plans tomorrow,” an email dated June 5 from Tim Pfohl, the interim executive director of the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission, to Phil Puckett, a Democratic state senator at that point two days away from announcing his resignation.

kirk cox

Kirk Cox: Responsible state budget without Medicaid expansion

Last night the General Assembly completed its work on the 2014-16 state budget that excludes Medicaid expansion. We addressed Governor McAuliffe’s 8 line-item budget vetoes, to include two that were ruled unconstitutional.

Creigh Deeds: What a week in Virginia politics

Last week saw the passage of a state budget and also the potential demise of Medicaid expansion in Virginia. Two dramatic events of the previous few days drove the results of the Special Session.

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Republicans pass budget: McAuliffe vows fight not over

With their new majority in the Senate won with a backroom deal with disgraced Democrat Phil Puckett in tow, Republicans broke the budget logjam on Thursday, finally passing a state budget that does not include Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s signature expansion of the state Medicaid rolls.

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Virginia Democrats respond to odd Dick Black letter to Syrian dictator

Republican State Sen. Dick Black, R-Loudoun, took time off from not working with fellow legislators to pass a state budget to write a letter to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad praising Assad for his leadership in a civil war that has led to more than 140,000 deaths.

virginia general assembly

Analysis: The Virginia state budget impasse endgame

Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates holding off the inevitable deal on Medicaid expansion need to declare whatever victory they can and get moving toward setting a state budget for 2014-2016.

virginia general assembly

Separate the two? Can’t have a budget without Medicaid vote, and vice versa

We’re hearing some talk that the perfect solution to the ongoing budget stalemate in Richmond would be to separate the two – voting now on a state budget, and then holding a special General Assembly session in the fall to consider Medicaid expansion.

virginia general assembly

Governor McAuliffe statement on end of veto session

Governor Terry McAuliffe released a statement today following the General Assembly’s 2014 reconvened session, in which they considered his vetoes and amendments to legislation passed this year.

virginia general assembly

Senate Republican, Democrat call on House to pass state budget

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Dick Saslaw (D -Fairfax) and Sen. John Watkins (R-Powhatan) called on the Virginia House of Delegates to end procedural delays and pass a version of the Senate’s budget.

virginia general assembly

House Republican leaders write to Sen. Mark Warner on state budget impasse

Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford), Majority Leader Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights), Caucus Chairman Timothy D. Hugo (R-Fairfax) and Majority Whip Jackson Miller (R-Manassas) sent a letter Tuesday to U.S. Sen. Mark Warner urging the senator to denounce Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s decision to hold the state budget hostage to Medicaid expansion.

Gerry Connolly: Close the Medicaid gap

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) today wrote to all 140 members of the General Assembly urging them to “put aside partisan ideology and political posturing to do what’s right for Virginia” and approve a Medicaid expansion plan for the Commonwealth funded by more than $9 billion in federal dollars.

democrats republicans

Democrats take aim at Republicans on budget squabble

Virginia Democrats are pointing fingers at their Republican counterparts in the Virginia General Assembly over the ongoing state budget stalemate.

Sam Rasoul: General Assembly update

The General Assembly adjourned on Saturday, March 8th. The state budget, however, remains to be finalized.

kirk cox

Kirk Cox: Virginia needs a clean budget, special session on Medicaid

There are a lot of citizens depending on the state to pass a budget before the July 1 deadline. House Republican Leadership has called for a special session after we pass the budget to debate the issues of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion on its merits.

virginia general assembly

Headed toward showdown? Senate committee amends House budget

The Senate Finance Committee voted Tuesday to amend the House of Delegates version of the 2014-2016 state budget to resemble the budget passed by the Senate last Thursday, which included “Marketplace Virginia.”

Gov. McAuliffe announces proposed state budget amendments

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced his proposed amendments to the current budget and the upcoming biennial budget today at a press conference in Richmond.

bob mcdonnell

Virginia Adopts: Campaign for 1,000 achieves goal

The “Virginia Adopts: Campaign for 1,000” effort has met its goal. Gov. Bob McDonnell announced last week that in calendar year 2013, 1,008 children from Virginia’s foster care system have been adopted or matched with a family who is going through the process of adopting.

Paul Ryan: Medicaid expansion is ‘empty promise’

The Ken Cuccinelli gubernatorial campaign used failed 2012 Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan to poke holes in Terry McAuliffe’s push to expand Medicaid coverage in Virginia.

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McAuliffe counters Cuccinelli push on tax, budget costs

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign today released a new report, “Cuccinelli’s $8 Billion Tax Plan,” describing how Ken Cuccinelli’s budget gimmicks and support for eliminating the corporate income tax could cost the Commonwealth at least $8 billion over four years and deplete necessary funding streams from localities for education, transportation, and other critical investments that will keep Virginia competitive in the 21st century.

virginia general assembly

Ken Plum: Plenty of money

Reading a letter Governor McDonnell sent to state employees or listening to a speech he gave to the General Assembly money committees last week you could conclude that Virginia state government has plenty of money.

Virginia Organizing: Why ignore over 400K Virginians?

Gov. Bob McDonnell presented his 2012-2014 biennium budget amendments to the Virginia General Assembly on Monday. One of the amendments the governor has proposed is removing the federal funding for Medicaid expansion that was previously included in the 2012-2014 budget passed by the General Assembly last year.

McDonnell offers up budget amendments

Gov. Bob McDonnell submitted his amendments to the budget passed by the General Assembly during the 2012 special session

Finally! Legislators agree on state budget

A day after deadlocking once again on the $85 billion spending plan for the 2012-2014 biennium, a sudden break by Democratic State Sen. Chuck Colgan from what had been unified Democratic Party opposition to the state budget led to its passage on Wednesday. Colgan, D-Prince William, told reporters after the 21-19 vote in the Senate […]

Senate Dems reject latest budget proposal

State Senate Democrats voted Tuesday against the state budget conference report because they said it did not properly address funding for projects in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. “The issue here is the lack of transportation funding in two different regions of the state,” said State Sen. Janet Howell (D-Fairfax). “Rail to Dulles will be […]

House GOP urges passage of state budget

Ahead of tomorrow’s crucial vote on the Commonwealth’s Fiscal Year 2012-14 budget, House Republicans emphasized the importance of quickly passing Virginia’s biennial budget. House and Senate Budget conferees agreed to the conference report on the $85 billion budget before the Easter Holiday and localities, agencies and schools across the Commonwealth are waiting for final passage […]

House Dems call for government reform, budget transparency

Today, the House Democratic Caucus’ newly installed Minority Leader David J. Toscano (D-Charlottesville), Caucus Chair Mark Sickles (D-Fairfax), and House Democratic leaders from across the Commonwealth released the House Democratic Caucus’ agenda on Government Reform and Budget Transparency for the 2012 Session. Constituents in Virginia have called for a state government that works more efficiently […]

McDonnell: Current state-budget system ‘needs to be reformed’

Gov.-elect will propose moving development of budget to odd-numbered years Statement by Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell www.bobmcdonnell.com On Friday, Dec. 18th, Gov. Tim Kaine proposed his biennial budget for Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012. The governor made his proposal with only 28 days left in his single four-year term, carrying out his obligation as determined by […]

Focus | ‘One governor at a time’

   Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net With AFP Video “Obviously, there’s only one governor,” and Tim Kaine is the governor of Virginia through early January, and it’s up to Kaine and his staff to put together a proposed budget for the 2010-2012 biennium. Kaine told VirginiaPoliticsToday.com that he met last week with Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell […]