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Virginia government revenues up sharply in December

Governor McAuliffe announced today that December revenue collections for Virginia state government posted strong gains.


McAuliffe’s budget proposal places target on local tourism?

In a blow to Virginia travel and tourism, Governor Terry McAuliffe’s new budget proposal includes a new travel services tax on consumers who use the services of online travel agencies (OTAs), brick and mortar travel agents, small business tour operators, and other travel intermediaries.

The best and worst in transportation in 2014

After an unprecedented 2013 General Assembly Session, when transportation funding in Virginia was reborn after more than two decades, 2014 struggled to compare.


Virginia state revenues up 4.4 percent in October

Governor McAuliffe announced today that General Fund revenue increased 4.4% from the previous year with all major sources contributing to the increase.


Virginia September 2014 general fund revenue collections up 5.3% from 2013

Today, Governor McAuliffe announced that the September General Fund revenue increased 5.3% from the previous year with all major sources contributing to the increase. This is the first time revenues have increased for three consecutive months since April-June of 2013.

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Tree seedling sales for the 2014-15 season

Officials with the Virginia Department of Forestry announced that demand for its loblolly pine seedlings is very high this season, and the agency anticipates that some or all families will sell out early.


State revenues up 1.7 percent in August, 7.7 percent for 2014

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that August General Fund revenue increased 1.7% from the previous year. On a fiscal-year-to-date basis, total revenue collections rose 7.7% compared with the same period last year.

Stephen Eldridge: The ‘Fair Tax’ is a fraud

The “Fair Tax” (“FT”) is a fraud – it is more wealth redistribution, and a financial scam.

Virginia’s popular Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday returns Friday

It’s time to make your shopping list because Virginia’s popular sales tax holiday for clothing, footwear, and school and office supplies begins Friday.

Virginia state revenues down $439 million from forecast

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that preliminary figures indicate the state concluded Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 with an approximately $438.5 million shortfall in general fund revenue collections, excluding transfers.

Glen Terrell: The IRS must go!

To aware citizens it’s crystal clear: THE IRS MUST GO! There is no place for an institution like the IRS in a society of free people such as the citizens of the USA.


Biggest one-month decline in Virginia tax revenues in 13 years

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that general fund revenue collections decreased by 20.7 percent in May, with large declines in individual nonwithholding, the corporate income tax, and the tax on wills, suits, deeds, and contracts.

Chainsaws and accessories added to Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

The upcoming Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is a great time to stock up on items you may need if an emergency strikes Virginia bringing strong winds and rain, power outages, and possibly limited access to food and water.


Virginia government revenues up 10% in April

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced today that general fund revenue collections increased 10.0 percent in April, with solid gains in individual withholding and nonwithholding as well as in the insurance premiums tax.


Virginia general fund revenue collections up 7.8 percent in March

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced today that general fund revenue collections increased 7.8 percent in March, with solid gains in individual nonwithholding, corporate income tax and the insurance premiums tax.

Gov. McAuliffe announces revenue decline

Gov. Terry McAuliffe today announced that state general fund revenue collections declined 3.4% in February. There was a solid gain in individual income tax withholding but that was offset by declines in retail sales, insurance premiums tax and recordation taxes.


Virginia posts 0.8% revenue increase in December

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Friday that December 2013 revenue collections for the Commonwealth of Virginia increased by 0.8 percent from December 2012.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Level playing field for all retailers

A broad collection of business and trade groups called on House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte to move forward on online sales tax collection this year by turning his principles into legislative language.


Virginia posts 5.4 percent revenue growth in October

October revenue collections for state government in Virginia decreased by 5.4 percent from October of last year. October is not a significant month for revenue collections. On a year-to-date basis, total revenue collections rose 0.6 percent through October, trailing the annual forecast of 1.5 percent growth.


Virginia posts 2.6 percent revenue increase in September

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced today that September revenue collections increased by 2.6 percent from September of last year.

Tax holiday for energy-efficient appliances returns Oct. 11-14

If your old appliances are on their last legs, it’s a great time to replace them with energy-efficient products while saving some money. Virginia’s seventh Energy Star and WaterSense Sales Tax Holiday returns Friday, Oct. 11, and lasts through Monday, Oct. 14.

Virginia’s Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Returns Aug. 2-4

You may want to slip your flip-flops back on and hit the stores, however, because it’s time once again for Virginia’s annual back-to-school sales tax holiday.

Moody’s: Virginia roads plan is ‘credit positive’

The influential bond rating firm Moody’s Investors Services has found that the historic transportation funding plan passed with bipartisan support in Virginia’s General Assembly last Saturday is “credit positive” for the Commonwealth, a major recognition that greatly enhances Virginia’s fiscal standing during a very uncertain period nationally.

State Senate approves transportation deal

The State Senate voted 25-15 on Saturday to approve an $880 million roads plan that will pump more money into transportation maintenance and construction through an increase in the state sales tax.

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House Dems help split GOP pass transportation deal

The House of Delegates passed the bipartisan transportation bill on a 60-40 vote on Friday, with 35 Republicans and 25 Democrats joining to form the majority.

Bipartisan compromise on roads comes out of conference

A 10-member General Assembly conference committee has reported out a compromise on transportation funding that would cut gas taxes, raise the states sales tax and divert money from the state budget currently going to schools, law enforcement and other core government services.

Analysis: Transportation solution will yet again evade us

The House and State Senate have passed very different transportation funding plans, meaning the two plans will now head to a conference committee to try to iron out those differences.

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State Senate passes transportation funding bill

A bipartisan 26-14 State Senate vote would raise more than $900 million annually for transportation maintenance and new construction.

Battle lines being drawn on transportation debate

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation funding plan is on life support in the Virginia General Assembly, and the Republican is pointing the finger at Senate Democrats, who voted en masse to block the package in a series of votes on Tuesday.

McDonnell roads plan on life support after Senate votes

The State Senate voted to send Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation plan back to committee, effectively killing it for the 2013 session and leaving only a plan passed by the House alive for consideration.

House passes McDonnell transportation bill

The House of Delegates voted Tuesday to advance Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation package that eliminates the state gas tax and raises the state sales tax as a way to raise revenues for roads maintenance and construction.

McDonnell roads funding bills pass committee hurdles

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s “Road to the Future” transportation funding proposal passes two legislative hurdles this week. The House Finance Committee voted on Wednesday to advance the legislation, which calls for an end to the state gas tax and an increase in the sales tax to provide for new funding for roads maintenance. The Senate Finance Committee voted to advance the package on Thursday.

House Dems unveil transportation plan

Not that it will get very far, given the political realities, but House Democrats are weighing in with their own recommended course of action for dealing with the state’s transportation system.

Conservative lobby opposes McDonnell transportation plan

Americans for Prosperity announced Friday that it opposes fee and tax increases included in Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation plan.

Six more groups sign on to McDonnell transportation plan

Six more business, transportation and labor groups today joined the growing list of supporters of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s “Virginia’s Road to the Future” long-term transportation solution.

McDonnell touts growing list of supporters for roads plan

Eleven business, transportation and labor groups on Monday joined the growing list of supporters of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s “Virginia’s Road to the Future” comprehensive, long-term transportation funding plan.

More support for McDonnell roads plan

The Prince William Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Virginians for High Speed Rail, Roanoke Chamber of Commerce and Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce have joined numerous other business and transportation groups in endorsing “Virginia’s Road to the Future”, the comprehensive, long-term transportation funding plan proposed by Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Auto dealers group endorses McDonnell transportation plan

The Virginia Automobile Dealers Association has endorsed “Virginia’s Road to the Future,” the comprehensive, long-term transportation funding plan proposed by Gov. Bob McDonnell to inject $3.1 billion in road, rail and public transportation funding over the next five years.

Hampton Roads chamber endorses McDonnell’s roads plan

The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, representing nearly 2,000 companies that employ more than 280,000 individuals in 17 cities and counties in Southeast Virginia, has endorsed “Virginia’s Road to the Future”, the comprehensive, long-term transportation funding plan proposed by Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Chris Graham: The McDonnell transportation nonsense

Here’s the good news: If Bob McDonnell has his way, you’ll pay less at the pump. There’s a flip side to that. Every other time you buy anything, you’ll pay for what you’re saving at the pump, and more.

Norquist: McDonnell roads plan ‘fails’

Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform issued a statement on the transportation funding plan unveiled by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell on Tuesday, labeling the plan, which eliminates the gas tax while raising the state’s sales tax, a failure.

McDonnell: Eliminate gas tax, increase sales tax

With legislators and transportation leaders by his side, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced on Tuesday a plan that would provide more than $3.1 billion in transportation funding for the Commonwealth over the next five years, tying transportation funding to economic growth and replacing the state’s outdated gas tax revenue model with a 0.8 percent increase in the state’s sales tax dedicated to transportation.

McDonnell proposes budget amendment to eliminate accelerated sales tax for half of Virginia businesses still paying it

Gov. Bob McDonnell will propose to eliminate the accelerated sales tax for half of Virginia Businesses now paying it by Fiscal Year 2014, in his proposed budget amendments on Monday.