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Report: Young conservatives support gay marriage?

Recent polls show record-levels of support for the freedom to marry. This surge in support is only possible due to a major shift in Republican attitudes on gay marriage.

The World According To ChrisGraham.com: Hey, we’re a 3-9 football team right now

“Unemployment remaining unchanged at 9.5 percent and the loss of over 130,000 jobs once again confirms that President Obama’s economic policies have failed to create sustainable job growth.” This is what passes for statesmanship these days, I guess. The quote is from Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. I get it. He has to say […]

Live Blog: John McCain caps the convention season

Moderated by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net One more speech to go. Then we look forward to the debates. And the rallies. Maybe a Virginia campaign stop or two or more. But first things first. It’s John McCain’s night at the RNC, and we’re going to provide the place in the Valley to discuss the speech from […]