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The end of Daylight Saving Time: Beware drowsy driving

Daylight Saving Time ended this weekend, and while an extra hour of weekend sleep is nice, drowsy driving becomes a significant threat to motorists as their evening commute will take place in darkness.

Governor announces program to save costs at rest stops

Gov. Bob McDonnell announced today a new cost-saving program designed to generate additional revenues to help defray the costs of operating the Commonwealth’s 42 safety rest areas and welcome centers. In July 2010, McDonnell directed the Virginia Department of Transportation to work in partnership with other state agencies to identify and implement long-term strategies to […]

McDonnell: We’re reopening the rest stops

   Staff Report News tips: freepress2@ntelos.net Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell announced today that all of Virginia’s 19 shuttered rest stops and welcome centers will begin reopening starting in mid-February. All facilities will be reopened by April 15th. In a vote this afternoon, the Commonwealth Transportation Board reversed its previous decision from June of last year […]

Stinging rebuke to local GOP lawmakers

How about that ringing endorsement of 25th District Republican Del. Steve Landes’ effort to inject partisan politics into the special session of the Virginia General Assembly on Wednesday? The Republican-majority House of Delegates voted 82-7 to limit the legislation to come before the session to the matter at hand cited by Gov. Tim Kaine in […]

Greg Marrow | Where we went wrong on transportation

Recently, it was reported that Del. Steve Landes had voiced his concern about the closing of two rest areas in Mount Sidney and the potential closing of the Verona residency office. While I’m pleased that he shares the view that I expressed weeks ago, let us not forget that Del. Landes played a large role […]