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President Rick Perry? It’s still too early to pick a Republican nominee based on polls

Do you remember who had the lead in the Republican presidential race four years ago this week? Of course you don’t, because you know it doesn’t matter who is ahead in the odd-year September.

Jim Gilmore not included in CNN Republican presidential debates

Jim Gilmore will not be among the 16 candidates on the stage at the two CNN Republican Party presidential debates scheduled for Sept. 16.

Donald Trump is right: Seriously, Ben Carson?

Donald Trump, for once, has a valid point, when he asks, “Who is Ben Carson to question my faith?” I mean, Trump has made it clear that he thinks the Bible is a good book, awesome, the best book of all time, and that’s enough for me.

Quinnipiac: Donald Trump leads Republican presidential field

Good news for Donald Trump, bad news for Donald Trump. The good news: a new Quinnipiac University poll has him building on his lead among Republican presidential candidates.

Letter: Support Derek Almarode for Augusta County sheriff

We have some important elections coming up this November, and one is the highly-contested Augusta County sheriff’s race. We have one Republican nominee – Derek Almarode. But he doesn’t just have carry the title of “nominee,” he has the merits of someone who is worthy to earn the position of sheriff of Augusta County.

Public Policy Polling: Donald Trump with commanding lead in New Hampshire

Donald Trump continues to surge in New Hampshire, with a new Public Policy Polling poll of Granite State voters putting the billionaire mouthpiece at 35 percent, well ahead of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, in second in New Hampshire at 11 percent.

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Mark Obenshain: I’m with Scott Walker

America needs conservative leadership. Scott Walker is a reform-minded leader with the executive experience to allow him to transform the way Washington works.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Winners and Losers: Republican Presidential Debate

Who knew that the folks at FNC could be hard on Republicans? Well, OK, they were hard on Donald Trump, and they don’t seem to think he’s an actual Republican.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Live Coverage: The first Republican presidential debate

Augusta Free Press editor Chris Graham leads our live coverage of the first Republican Party presidential debate. Follow along in the comments section for the play-by-play from the debate, and feel free to join in with your observations, questions and more.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

What’s pushing Donald Trump to the top of the Republican presidential line?

Donald Trump, somehow, some way, has the lead right now in the Republican Party presidential nomination polls. Which means about as much as being the favorite to win the football game weeks out before the big game.

Defeated Republican State Senate candidate Dan Moxley blasts gay marriage ruling

Defeated 24th District Republican State Senate nomination candidate Dan Moxley issued a response to the recent Supreme Court ruling on the topic of homosexual marriage in the United States.

Libertarian Will Hammer has qualified for the 20th House District ballt

Will Hammer has qualified for November’s Virginia House District 20 ballot. Hammer, the Libertarian candidate who ran against Representative Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) last year, is facing incumbent Delegate Dickie Bell, a Republican.

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AFP endorses Emmett Hanger in 24th Senate Republican primary

Emmett Hanger bristles when it is suggested that he isn’t a conservative, for good reason. The 20-year veteran of the State Senate of Virginia has the endorsements of the National Rifle Association, the National Federation of Independent Business and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Republican State Senate candidate Dan Moxley endorsed by VCDL-PAC

The Virginia Citizens Defense League-PAC has endorsed Republican State Senate candidate Dan Moxley in his bid to unseat 24th District State Sen. Emmett Hanger.

Even Osama bin Laden acknowledged climate change

Your average Republican will tell you climate change is bunk. Osama bin Laden, otherwise stuck in the sixth century, conceded the 21st century reality.

Poll: Ted Cruz has Republican presidential momentum

It’s a crowded Republican 2016 presidential field, and Ted Cruz is trying to fight his way to the top tier.

Dan Moxley endorsed by Greene County Supervisor Eddie Deane

Republican Dan Moxley was endorsed today by Greene County Board of Supervisors member, Rev. Eddie Deane, for the 24th State Senate District’s Republican nomination. Deane also pastors a church in Rockingham County.

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Stark Choices: People’s budget vs. Republican plan

The annual federal budget debate typically doesn’t excite many folks outside the Washington beltway. And with good reason – the Republican budget process is intended to lull the public to sleep by staying short on details and long on damaging provisions that will hurt low-income and middle-class families.

Analysis: Ted Cruz uses Virginia as backdrop for presidential campaign rollout

Liberty University was an obvious choice as backdrop for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to roll out his 2016 presidential campaign. But don’t overlook the fact that Liberty University also happens to be in Virginia, and the role that Virginia will play in the 2016 campaign.

Dan Moxley gets local businessman endorsement

Republican 23th State Senate District candidate Dan Moxley was endorsed for office today by local Augusta County business owner, former Augusta County Republican Committee Secretary and North River Magisterial District Chair, and former United States Navy Congressional Appropriations Committee Liaison Officer, Al Katz.

State Senate candidate Dan Moxley endorsed by Larry Nordvig

Republican state senate candidate Dan Moxley was endorsed today by former naval aviator, Fox News guest, former Richmond Tea Party Executive Director, and now Powhatan County Supervisor, Larry Nordvig.

Moxley campaign files motion for federal intervention in nomination case

Republican State Senate candidate Dan Moxley’s campaign filed a motion for intervention in support of the Republican 24th State Senate District’s Legislative District Committee’s federal lawsuit against Virginia’s Incumbent Protection Act in the Virginia Western District Federal Court yesterday.

Republican Senate candidate Marshall Pattie prepares for primary against Hanger

Marshall Pattie, Augusta County Supervisor for the North River District, announced his renewed commitment to seek the Republican nomination for the 24th Senate district seat for the 2015 election against incumbent Senator Emmett Hanger, R-Mount Solon in a primary to be held on Tuesday, June 9.

Republican turnover in Virginia General Assembly

Interesting perspective from former Republican Del. Chris Saxman, now the executive direction of the Virginia Foundation for Research and Economic Education, on news on two recent retirements from the Virginia General Assembly.

Dan Moxley endorsed by former Republican U.S. Senate nomination candidate Shak Hill

Shak Hill endorsed Republican state senate candidate Dan Moxley in the race for the 24th State Senate District. Hill is a former Republican candidate for United States Senate.


Senate Republicans defeat bills to make voting easier

Tuesday afternoon, the Republican-controlled Senate Privileges & Elections Committee defeated several Democratic bills to make voting easier.