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mark herring

GOP demands Dem AG candidate return campaign funds

The Republican Party of Virginia has filed a complaint against the Democratic Attorney Generals Association related to $680,000 in contributions made by the DAGA to Democratic Party attorney general nominee Mark Herring since August.

Dem leader critical of McDonnell’s election to RGA post

The head of the state Democratic Party is offering criticism of Gov. Bob McDonnell in the wake of his election as vice chair of the Republican Governors Association. “Bob McDonnell’s aggressive campaign schedule does raise valid questions about whether campaigning in other states is the best way for our governor to spend his time, especially […]

Chris Graham | What’s wrong with the GOP?

It isn’t just that Republicans got torched in the ’08 presidential election and the House and Senate elections to a point where President-elect Barack Obama has the clearest governing mandate since the first President Bush and an outside shot at a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate that would give his administration virtual carte blanche for […]