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Ed Gillespie concedes U.S. Senate race

Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie has formally conceded the Virginia U.S. Senate race to Democrat Mark Warner, saying in a Friday news conference that a recount, permissible under state law due to the race’s tight margin, would not make a difference.

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Tooclosetocall? Seriously? It’s over, Mark Warner won already

There is one precinct left to count of the 2,557 spread across Virginia, the University Hall precinct in Albemarle County, and Mark Warner has a 16,540-vote lead over Ed Gillespie.

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Toocloseforcomfort: Mark Warner wins Senate re-election by razor-thin margin

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner didn’t run like an incumbent upon 25 points in the polls in the early summer. He must have seen something that the rest of us couldn’t see.

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Randy Forbes: The real story of the man who carried the maps

“…I was the man that carried the maps…” That’s how William Loncaric described his role the day they stormed Omaha Beach in Normandy.

Democrats tar Ed Gillespie as Obenshain clone, but is that good idea?

Virginia Democrats highlighted a comment from Mark Obenshain in which the 2013 Republican attorney general nominee said he and Ed Gillespie, a candidate for the GOP Senate nomination, share the same values.

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Recount returns Senate seat, control of chamber, to Democrats

A recount in the Sixth Senate District certified a victory for Democrat Lynwood Lewis, returning control of the State Senate to Democrats.

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Update: Mark Obenshain concedes AG race

Republican Mark Obenshain has formally conceded the Virginia attorney-general race. “It’s apparent that our campaign is going to come up a few votes short,” Obenshain said at an afternoon news conference in Richmond after calling Democrat Mark Herring to concede and offer his support.

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Mark Herring lead widens in state AG race

What was a 165-vote lead in the state attorney general race for Democrat Mark Herring has now grown to 866 votes. Are we getting past the point where Republican Mark Obenshain can still be thinking about a contest of the 2013 election?

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Recount, day one: Mark Herring increases lead in AG race

Democrat Mark Herring gained 91 votes on his margin on day one of the statewide recount of ballots in the 2013 Attorney General race. Fairfax County was given a one-day head start on the rest of the state because of the volume of votes that it will need to process for the recount. With one-third of the county’s 240 precincts counted, Herring’s overall state lead had grown to 256 votes over Republican Mark Obenshain.

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Mark Obenshain: Republican Advance

The 30th annual Republican Advance was this weekend and I have to tell you: the future of the Republican Party in Virginia is bright. At the dinner last night, I shared, first and foremost, my gratitude for the many hundreds of dedicated Virginians who began doing the hard work of the canvass scarcely twelve hours after the polls closed on Election Night.

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Mark Herring announces Inaugural Committee co-chairs

Attorney General-elect Mark Herring is proceeding with his transition in the face of a recount request by Republican opponent Mark Obenshain, announcing this week that he has formed his inaugural committee and released the names of co-chairs for the committee.

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Mark Obenshain to ask for recount in attorney general race

Republican Mark Obenshain will formally request a recount of the state attorney general race that he lost to Democrat Mark Herring by a scant 165 votes of the more than 2.2 million votes cast in the Nov. 5 statewide election.

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State Board of Elections certifies Mark Herring winner in attorney general race

The State Board of Elections voted unanimously Monday to certify Democrat Mark Herring as the winner in the hotly-contested state attorney general race. Herring defeated Republican Mark Obenshain by 165 votes out of the more than 2.2 million votes cast in the Nov. 5 election, easily the closest margin percentage-wise in state political history.

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Chris Graham: No dishonor if Mark Obenshain contests AG race

I’ll take friendly issue here with my friend and colleague Andy Schmookler for his recent column on the still too-close-to-call Virginia attorney general race (“Andy Schmookler: I’m betting on Mark Obenshain acting honorably,” Nov. 21 AFP). I don’t see any dishonor if Obenshain decides after a recount to contest the result in the Virginia General Assembly.

Andy Schmookler: I’m betting on Mark Obenshain acting honorably

Earlier this month, an alarm about Virginia’s razor-close Attorney General’s race sounded in some Democratic circles. Adam Swerver, in an article posted on the MSNBC website, declared that even if the defeat of Republican candidate Mark Obenshain is confirmed in a recount, he might still be able to have himself declared the winner.