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Report: Local governments play critical role in achieving public health goals

Healthy communities don’t just happen. They are created by a multitude of social, economic, environmental, and behavioral factors.


Poll: Support for limits on methane emissions to protect health

New polling data released by the American Lung Association today shows broad support among registered voters for stricter air pollution standards.


State honors public health nurses of the year

Melinda O’Brien received this year’s Virginia Department of Health Public Health Nurse of the Year award.


Jennifer Kaufer: Virginia leaders voted to delay health protections for kids

The Clean Power Plan is an opportunity for Virginia to reduce carbon emissions and protect public health.


National collaborative to test how big data can improve population health

Virginia Commonwealth University announced today that it will lead an initiative to test how big data can support public health and social policy in San Diego County, California.

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ACLU commends first steps toward a public health approach to drug use

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Virginia today noted with appreciation passage of legislation that moves Virginia toward recognizing drug use as a public health issue that requires a public health solution.

Mary Baldwin College events: Jan. 14-26

Calendar of events at Mary Baldwin College for Jan. 14-26.

The new skinny on dietary fat

Going “fat-free” might seem like an effective, safe way to lose weight when considering that fat contains nine calories per gram, compared to four calories per gram in carbohydrates and proteins.

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Governor McAuliffe announces legislation to prevent gun violence

Governor McAuliffe today announced a series of legislative proposals aimed at protecting Virginia residents and families through common-sense gun violence prevention efforts.

Overview of the Ebola epidemic at the Science Museum of Virginia

Dr. Brigette Gleason will present Overview of the Ebola Epidemic: Insights from the Field in Sierra Leone and Key Features of the Ebola Response in the US.


Implementing ACA-mandated health risk assessments will stretch primary care providers

Primary care practices are willing to implement behavioral and mental health risk assessments required by the Affordable Care Act, but lack the resources to do so effectively.

ObamaCare: Republicans can no longer blame Harry Reid

The time for Republican self congratulation is over, and the work needs to begin. It appears that the majority of the voting population recognizes that our country is in dire condition.

Climate change and food’s nutritional value

It is difficult to say whether or not the climate change we are now experiencing is negatively impacting the nutritional quality of our food, researchers warn that it may be only a matter of time.

Prominent Palestinian physician and peace activist to visit EMU

During a three-week war between the Israeli military and Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip, two tank shells crashed through the bedroom wall of a home where Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish lived with his family.


VCU receives $1.6 million grant to study pathways that lead to substance use disorders

Two VCU professors will work with researchers at the University of Oslo to study the factors in normal and abnormal personality that increase the risk of developing substance use disorders.


Virginia Veterinary Medical Association announces 2014 Rabies Awareness Week

The Virginia Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA) has partnered with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to sponsor a statewide effort to raise rabies awareness and promote health guidelines to safely vaccinate animals.


New mosquito-borne illness concerns pest management pros

A painful, mosquito-borne viral illness has surfaced across the United States, carried by recent travelers to the Caribbean where the virus is raging.

Shenandoah University names Timothy Ford director of health professions

Timothy Ford, Ph.D., has been named Shenandoah University’s dean of the School of Health Professions. Dr. Ford will oversee the divisions of Athletic Training, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies, Physical Therapy and Respiratory Care.