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Podcast: Chris Graham talks WrestleMania 32, presidential race, ACC basketball

Augusta Free Press editor Chris Graham talks on hise daily podcast about plans for WrestleMania 32, the presidential race and ACC basketball.

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It’s official: Jim Webb drops out of Democratic Party presidential race

Former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb is officially out of the Democratic Party presidential race, still leaving open the possibility that he would make what would be a difficult run for president as an independent candidate.

Poll: Donald Trump maintains safe lead in Republican Party presidential race

A new poll from Public Policy Polling has Donald Trump still up 10 points on the rest of the Republican Party presidential field, though there is slight slippage back toward the pack for The Donald.

Suffolk University poll: Hillary Clinton leads Democrats, Republicans in 2016 field

Hillary Clinton is far ahead of the pack in a recent poll of Democratic and Democratic-leaning independent voters, with 59 percent of those voters saying they would vote for the former secretary of state in the 2016 presidential primaries and caucuses, according to a national poll from Suffolk University/USA TODAY.

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Tooclosetocall? Seriously? It’s over, Mark Warner won already

There is one precinct left to count of the 2,557 spread across Virginia, the University Hall precinct in Albemarle County, and Mark Warner has a 16,540-vote lead over Ed Gillespie.

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Obama wins White House, takes Virginia again

President Barack Obama was elected to a second four-year term on Tuesday, unofficially winning 332 electoral votes and taking 50 percent of the popular vote in his race with Republican Mitt Romney and several third-party candidates.

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Projection: Obama takes Virginia

CNN is projecting that Democrat Barack Obama will win Virginia and its 13 electoral votes.

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Breaking: Networks project Obama winner in presidential election

Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are all projecting Barack Obama the winner of the 2012 presidential election.

Staunton: Obama outpaces ’08 numbrs

Democrat Barack Obama leads the presidential voting in Staunton with only absentee votes still needing to be counted.

Waynesboro: Romney improves, slightly, over McCain in ’08

Republican Mitt Romney won the presidential voting in Waynesboro.

Obama, Romney hold serve in Augusta

Mitt Romney rolled to a convincing but expected victory in voting for president in Augusta County.


Waynesboro: First two precincts push slightly to Obama

Two of Waynesboro’s four voting wards are reporting as of 8:40 p.m.

8:30 p.m. Update: Romney, Allen lead in Va., key Dem precincts in NoVa, Hampton Roads still out

As of the 8:30 p.m. update from the Virginia State Board of Elections, Republican Mitt Romney had a 136,000-vote lead over Democrat Barack Obama in Virginia.

Sports and politics on ‘The Chris Graham Show’

The Tuesday installment of “The Chris Graham Show” usually covers sports, but with Election Day here, AFP editor Chris Graham and WREL-1450AM’s Jim Bresnahan opened this week’s segment with a look at the 2012 elections.

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Chris Graham: Obama, Kaine, Goodlatte

More than a year of buildup to what had seemed to be an inevitable Barack Obama re-election was washed away in 90 minutes in Denver on Oct. 3. If not for that one night of lethargy from the president, we’d never have come across the term “Ro-mentum,” likely not had to endure 90 minutes of guffaws from Joe Biden a few nights later – and few would have cared that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided to focus on his job instead of presidential politiics at the worst of Hurricane Sandy.

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Pew: Obama with three-point lead

The final Pew Research Center poll of the 2012 election cycle has Democrat Barack Obama surging ahead of Republican Mitt Romney heading into Election Day.

Sabato: Obama will win

University of Virginia Center for Politics founder Larry Sabato has made his final call in the 2012 presidential election: Barack Obama.

PPP: Obama leads in Virginia, Ohio, even in N.C., Florida

The final Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters in the 2012 election cycle has Democrat Barack Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney by a four-point margin on Election Eve.

Poll: Obama continues to lead in Virginia

A new Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters has Democrat Barack Obama holding on to a three-point lead over Republican Mitt Romney heading into the 2012 campaign’s final days.

Back in play? New poll has presidential race in North Carolina all even

A new Public Policy Polling survey has President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tied in North Carolina. The PPP poll has both candidates at 49 percent. Romney has been favored to put the Tar Heel State back into the Republican column for much of the 2012 cycle. Obama, a Democrat, won the state in 2008.

Analysis: Two out of three … enough?

Post-debate polls gave Barack Obama a win in the rubber match of the three-debate series with Mitt Romney, but as with his win in Round 2, it was far from the kind of blowout win that Romney had in Round 1 back on Oct. 3.


Chris Graham: If I were president

If I were president, and I was heading into the final debate of the 2012 cycle, which ostensibly focuses on foreign policy … here’s what I’d do: sound Republican.

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Analysis: Who won Round 2?

The short answer is, That’s easy. Barack Obama, if only in the line of thinking of film director Woody Allen’s observation that 80 percent of success is showing up.

Chris Graham: The presidential race is over (again!)

As recently as a week ago, the presidential race was over. Barack Obama had only a 3.1-point lead in the RealClearPolitics poll average, but the writing was on the wall for Mitt Romney. The 47 percent video, his stumble on comments on the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya, rumors of discord at the top levels of his campaign, all came together to present a clear picture.

Chris Graham: Romney is right … it’s not the media’s fault

Here’s where credit needs to be given to Mitt Romney and his brain trust. And seriously, they’ll take what they can get however they get it right now, considering how badly things have been going of late. “I think we have a system of free press. People are able to provide their own perspective based upon their own beliefs. I think there are some people who are more in my camp, there’s a lot of people who are more in his camp, and I don’t worry about that.” That was how the GOP presidential nominee answered Jan Crawford of CBS News when asked if he thought the “mainstream media” was “in the tank” for the president.

Obama maintains strong position in new Virginia poll

President Barack Obama’s approval rating in Virginia is over 50 percent, and he would take the state in presidential voting if the election were held today, and by a comfortable margin. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee does the best of the expected Republican contenders and still trails Obama by a 52 percent-to-43 percent margin, according […]