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bill howell

Speaker Howell on federal court ruling upholding Virginia’s photo ID law

House Speaker William J. Howell issued a statement on the U.S. District Court’s ruling upholding Virginia’s photo identification law.

Voters in upcoming Nov. 3 general election reminded to have photo ID

Voters are reminded that Virginia law requires a photo ID when voting in person.

mark obenshain

Mark Obenshain: Photo ID is under attack

On Friday, a motion to intervene was filed on my behalf asking a United States District Court to add me as a defendant in litigation filed by Democrats challenging the constitutionality of Virginia’s voter identification law.

Virginia Voters Alliance challenges dual voter registrations

At the end of May, 2014 the Virginia Voters Alliance turned over to the State Boards of Elections a file containing both Virginia and Maryland data of people that appeared to be registered in both states. There was an additional list of 164 voters that appeared to have voted in both states during the 2012 election.